OPINION | Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez’s unique singles bring emotion to all

Oscar Mendoza, a junior criminal justice major from Herriman, puts in his earbuds to jam out to two new singles. Queued up are Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez’s new singles that dropped Aug. 25. Emily Vanmiddendorp | Sun News Daily

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Two early 2000s icons released two long-awaited singles Aug. 25 bringing nostalgia and respect from fans around the world.

Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus released unique and distinct new singles, showcasing their thoughts and emotions, while giving fans what they wanted.

Despite being compared in the media, both Cyrus and Gomez had respect for each other when they announced their long-awaited singles on the same day. Not only did they announce the songs on the same day, but the songs were both set to release Aug. 25.

Cyrus released her single titled “Used To Be Young,” and Gomez released her single, “Single Soon.”

When both artists announced their singles, my 10-year-old self went crazy. I grew up striving to be Cyrus as Hannah Montana in “Hannah Montana” and loving Gomez as Alex Russo in “Wizards of Waverly Place.” I am excited to see both artists releasing music.

“Used To Be Young” will be Cyrus’ first music release since her acclaimed album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” which debuted her hit song “Flowers” which broke multiple Top 100 records.

I am excited to watch this special and hear about untold stories during her time on the Disney Channel. I am hoping it can bring back the good memories I had dancing to her songs in my living room growing up.

I have seen more of Gomez’s films over the years compared to her music, so listening to her music will be interesting. I don’t doubt her musical abilities, but I do wonder how much time she puts into her music with her busy schedule being both a CEO and an actress.

I have listened to Cyrus’ music over the years and have no doubt this single is going to dominate the streaming platforms and top the charts. I could easily see both singles going viral on TikTok and streaming platforms.

“Used To Be Young”

Cyrus opens up to raw and emotional lyrics in her new single. Throughout the song, she said: “I know I used to be crazy, I know I used to be fun. You say I used to be wild, I say I used to be young.”

To me, this shows she is unapologetically herself. Cyrus is aware of the reputation she might have but is not afraid to show herself.

What I liked most about this song was how personal and intimate it sounded. Throughout the song, the piano and her voice are the main instruments. Cyrus uses her vocal range to the best ability, belting her feelings. This ballad is a true testimony to how she feels about herself. I could personally tell Cyrus has grown and has matured as a person. This song brought a lot of memories back while I listened to this song.

Using the piano as the main instrument keeps the song personal while still keeping it upbeat.

Overall, this song was beautifully written and produced. It was a nod to her generation saying that growing up is a part of life, and it is OK to leave the past behind.

“Single Soon”

Gomez is sounding like herself and is better than ever.

In this song, Gomez expresses the importance of how being single is OK and healthy.

Throughout the song, she has a catchy phrase, “I know he’ll be a mess when I break the news, but I’ll be single soon. I’ll be single soon.”

This is the perfect song to get ready to. The beat is catchy, the chorus is upbeat and the message of the song is great. From the start of the song, I knew this would be the perfect hype song.

I am hoping this song is a hint to what the rest of her new album will sound like. If that is the case, I will definitely be listening to the rest of her album.

Gomez is not afraid to say what is on her mind when it comes to her love life. The opening sequence is her little sister, Gracie Elliot Teefey, giving Gomez words of encouragement to not worry about boyfriends. It was cute, and it sounded very similar to the song “As It Was” by Harry Styles.

I thought this song was very similar to her old Disney Channel self. Overall, Gomez sounds great and is being herself.

With her recent health struggles of lupus, it feels great to see her releasing music.

Overall, I like Cyrus’ song better because it feels more raw and emotional. It gave nods to the past while leaving a path for her future.

While Gomez released a good pump-up song, it didn’t feel like her best work. It was a fun song to listen to, but I hope she can continue to release better music in the future.

Listening to both of these songs can bring inspiration in different ways, and both of these artists excelled in what they released this past week.