Utah Tech men’s soccer team takes defeat after previous victory

Midfielder Abigay Gomez, a sophomore from Las Vegas, played offensively at the game Sept. 14. Utah Tech’s men’s soccer team lost with a close score of 0-1. Miki Akiyama | Sun News Daily

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The Utah Tech University men’s soccer team took a loss after a goal scored by California State University, Bakersfield at just over 46 minutes into the game.

Ball possession went back and forth. The Trailblazers had four shots on goal in the first half, but it was matched by the four shots on goal made by the Roadrunners.

Coming off a 3-0 win against Lindenwood University last Sunday, the Trailblazers came out in the first half with a lot of energy which gave them many chances for goals.

A starting defender for Utah Tech, A.J. Ciampini, a sophomore recreation and sports management major from Riverdale, said: “Everyone was included-all 36 guys, guys on the bench, guys on the field, everyone in the stands. I mean, we all felt that they were excited.”

After four consecutive away games, the team is glad to be back playing at home with the support of their fans.

Utah Tech’s goalkeeper, Stockton Short, a sophomore general studies major from Pleasant View, said, “Having fans right there, right next to you, close to the field, cheering you on, it really makes a big difference.”

The second half proved to be more intense with the Roadrunners scoring a goal within just a little over a minute after the start of the second half.

Despite this goal and lapse on the defensive side, Short said his mentality was focused on giving the team a chance to tie or even win by stopping the other team from putting up another goal.

An uproar in the stands at 52 minutes into the game happened when #4 on CSU Bakersfield received a red card and was ejected from the game after kicking a knocked-down Utah Tech player in the back. The player appeared to be helping the other player up, but shocked everyone when he dropped him back on the ground and proceeded to kick him. After witnessing the altercation, all of the players and fans were calling for the removal of the player.

While the Trailblazers had some good chances for goals in the second half, the Roadrunners managed to prevent them from scoring.

While the Trailblazers were unable to secure the win, this game spoke to the toughness of the team.

“We’re realizing kind of the DNA of our team and program,” said head coach Jonny Broadhead. “We’re tough, and you know, if it’s a 10-round boxing match, we’re going 10 rounds and round 10 looks the same as round one.”

Broadhead said the team is focusing on creating opportunities with their positioning and creating numbers-up situations against other teams.

With these goals in mind, the team will prepare for another home game hosting Gonzaga University Sept. 17.