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Utah Tech women’s soccer rivalry game against SUU ends in tie

The match ended in a draw for the Utah Tech University women’s soccer team in its game against rivals, Southern Utah University. The final score of the game was 1-1. The Trailblazers led with the first goal of the game at 24 minutes into the first half, and they were able to fight off any […]

Code Red encourages students to volunteer at events, grow community engagement

Events on campus take a lot of manpower to put on, and Code Red is responsible for providing that manpower. Code Red is an organization under the Utah Tech Student Association, and each branch of UTSA has a Code Red team. The teams are student volunteers who assist in planning and running events on campus. […]

Utah Tech men’s soccer team takes defeat after previous victory

The Utah Tech University men’s soccer team took a loss after a goal scored by California State University, Bakersfield at just over 46 minutes into the game. Ball possession went back and forth. The Trailblazers had four shots on goal in the first half, but it was matched by the four shots on goal made […]

OPINION | Exploring the benefits, value of Greek life at Utah Tech

Crazy parties, booze and RushTok are what come to mind when someone mentions Greek life, but the positive experiences Greek life provides are overlooked. Greek life provides opportunities for networking. Joining a fraternity or sorority helps students build connections that prove valuable in the future when they are looking for internships and recommendations. Knowing people […]

Simple ways for students to combat back to school sicknesses

Students returning to campus for the fall semester means bringing all their germs back with them. Sicknesses can spread quickly through campus, especially as students come in close contact with each other in classes. They touch the same door handles, use the same bathrooms and utilize the same workout equipment at the gym, which are […]

OPINION | Universities need to provide resources for students lacking family support

For some students, the decision to attend college means figuring it all out on their own, financially and emotionally. There are many circumstances that can lead to a student becoming estranged from their family, may it be differing morals or religious beliefs, or because of emotional and/or physical abuse. In some situations, estrangement is a […]

Utah Tech Athletics adds two new strength and conditioning coaches

Rachel Saenz and Matthew Gabriel packed their bags and came to Utah to join the Utah Tech University Athletics program as strength and conditioning coaches. Joining the team reduced the athlete-to-coach ratio giving more time for coaches to get to know the athletes and allowing them to better tailor their programs for each specific team. […]