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OPINION | Sports editor’s predictions for fall sports

Fans gather in the Greater Zion Stadium. The stands are flooded with red. It’s time for fall sports to take center stage. After a few short months away for summer break, students head back to campus for fall, and that means it’s time for some of my favorite sports. This upcoming season holds new possibilities […]

Sneak peak into Utah Tech’s D-Week

Past meets present as Utah Tech University prepares for one of its longest-standing traditions: D-Week. D-Week will take place April 8-13. Each day of the week will hold one or more events celebrating campus and southern Utah. When the student body first built the “D” on the hill in 1915, D-Week was set aside to […]

OPINION | How ‘Jaws’ and the media villainized sharks forever

Dun dun… dun dun… dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnn. This foreboding song is easily recognizable. It’s a song meant to strike fear in the hearts of all who hear it–the sound of “Jaws.” Are sharks really as frightening as the movies make them seem? Are they really these horrifying, human-eating monsters? The answer is “no.” That’s […]

OPINION | Gen Z needs a reality check when it comes to conspiracy theories

From the Illuminati to COVID-19 conspiracies, Generation Z has been exposed to one online conspiracy after another. Being born into this digital age, we might consider ourselves experts on consuming digital media and are therefore immune to misinformation. However, we fall for fake news and false narratives fed to us on social media all the […]

Sip smart, study sharp: How caffeine can fuel your academic success

Your alarm goes off, so you get ready for another long day of classes, and the one thing that gets you out of bed is the thought of a nice cup of joe. The life of a college student is draining. We have a lot to juggle, so we turn to caffeine for a little […]

The Utah Tech track and field team plan to ‘elevate’ their season

Off to a running start, the Utah Tech University track and field team starts their indoor season with nine top-eight finishes. The team attended the Brigham Young University Invitational Dec. 9 for their first indoor meet. At the meet, team members achieved 26 personal bests. The team also attended the BYU Cougar Invitational Jan. 11-13, […]

OPINION | How to feel holiday magic, despite having Christmas blues

It’s early on Christmas day. You and your siblings rush into your parents’ room in the pajamas you opened last night and jump on their bed to wake them up because the excitement of seeing the presents downstairs has overcome you. Under the decorated tree are presents galore and full stockings hung on the wall. […]

ANALYSIS | Paul Peterson relieved of duties at Utah Tech

The Utah Tech University football program starts the search for a new head coach after a disappointing season. Paul Peterson’s time as the head coach of the football team has come to an end after five seasons. Ken Beazer, executive director of intercollegiate athletics, announced Peterson was relieved of his duties as head coach Nov. […]

Football fans and Swifties unite in Kelce’s new moment: the romance era

You can’t search the name Travis Kelce without the name Taylor Swift being attached. The relationship has been a big focus of the 2023 NFL season. While some football fans may not care so much about the details of the player’s relationship, they do care about his performance on the team, which Swift is having […]