OPINION | These celebrities deserve your vote for president

For years, people have discussed and talked about which celebrities they would put into a government position based on their careers and social presence. This is because they think some celebrities would be humorous in office and some would care more about people than others. Can you guess the celebrities that would be a good fit for president? Isabella Waldschmidt | Sun News Daily

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State elections are coming up with the presidential elections the following year. For many of us on campus, this will be the first year that we get to vote in the presidential election.

Despite your political party, it is important to vote, but what qualities will persuade your voting? Maybe it is the qualities of “honest Abe” or the candidate with the best campaign. If you don’t know who to vote for, then look for certain qualities that you like in a person.

Celebrities are a great place to turn toward for great presidential qualities. While they might not be the ones running for president, they do have qualities that you might look for when voting.

However, have you ever thought about which celebrities would make a great president?

Well I have, and these would be my top choices if celebrities were president. They don’t have anything to do with politics, but they have certain qualities that should be seen in someone running for office.

Adam Sandler

Picture this: a man in gym shorts and an oversized t-shirt sitting in a presidential meeting. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I think we all need a little bit more comedy in our lives, and Adam Sandler would be just the man for that job. In most of his movies, Sandler’s movie cast is made up of his comedy friends. While I don’t know how much would get done in his time in office, imagine how fun it would be to have Sandler as president and the cast of “Grown Ups” on the rest of the presidential board.

While Sandler is a great actor in comedy, he also plays a part in donating to multiple charities including the Boys and Girls Club of America and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He is famous yet so humble, which is something we need in a presidential candidate. There might be less violence if we had a humble president leading us because they wouldn’t be looking to prove anything to the world.

We need a president who isn’t full of themselves but is there to get the job done. It can be seen through Sandler’s outfits that he doesn’t care what others think of him but is rather living his life to the fullest. This is a quality that should be looked for in anyone, not just a presidential candidate.


Can you think about someone who can do anything better than Zendaya, herself? She can sing, dance, act and model. I would not be surprised if she could also be the president of the United States.

Now it might just be me, but I can’t think of a movie, TV show or song that Zendaya was in that did not turn out wonderful. From “The Greatest Showman” to her songs and acting in the series “Euphoria,” Zendaya has not missed either making her performance a tear-jerker or singing a sick beat.

I grew up watching Zendaya and now watch her in shows and movies today. She always seems so dedicated to her work, which would be something a president would need. I have never met her in person, but she also seems so kind-hearted and genuine. A president needs to be kind-hearted and genuine since, in a way, they are responsible for the U.S.

Zendaya’s talent also shows that she is a fast learner. A president needs to be able to learn and adapt to the fast-paced world. On top of it, with her ability to do almost anything, Zendaya is a role model. There have not been many presidents who would be considered role models, which is something that would be nice to see for once.

Jack Black

Another comedian and actor who would make a great president is Jack Black.

He is another actor who has very successful movies, whether that be acting or voice acting in animated films. The films are both family and comedy films, so he has influenced everyone in one way or another. One of his most recent films, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” was a successful movie with his role as Bowser. In this movie, he wrote and sang “Peaches,” which is one of my favorite songs in a movie for 2023. It is so catchy, and once you start singing it, good luck stopping.

From watching him in movies to seeing his interactions with other people, Black is someone I could trust. He always seems so caring while also making jokes. He gives off the vibes of a dad from the way he makes dad jokes while also making everything peaceful. Black would be the guy who would create world peace through making jokes. Many candidates say world peace is one of their goals, but do they show it through their actions like Black does?

Do you need a laugh or smile? Watch videos on his TikTok account. Every time one of his videos shows up on my For You Page, my spirits are instantly lifted. It would be great to have a president who lifts your spirits in a world that is often negative. What better president than the voice of Bowser?

Jane Lynch

Now I might be exposing myself with this one, but Jane Lynch would be another great president. I mean have you seen “Glee“?

If you haven’t seen this show, then you will have no idea what I am talking about. However, in “Glee,” Lynch plays Sue Sylvester, who is the cheer coach for the high school. She is mostly mean but occasionally nice at times, which I think could be a great presidential quality. We need someone as president who will get things done, which is something she would do.

In season six of “Glee,” she was even the vice president of the U.S. with the plan of running in 2024 for president. Her campaign slogan for president would be “That’s how Sue C’s it.” This is a phrase she uses when she stars on a news show but could easily be used as a campaign slogan to show her presidential views.

Taylor Swift

Last but not least is Taylor Swift.

Let’s put aside any bias or judgments you might have toward Swift and be real for a moment. If Swift wanted to be president, she could be president.

In the U.S. alone, her fan base is 53% of the population, which is 180 million people, and the Swifties are 16% of the population, which is 54.4 million people. To put it in perspective for you, the population of the entire state of Utah is 3.3 million. The entire state of New York has a population of 19.84 million. Her fan base is so large and dedicated that if she told them she was running for president, they would support her with no doubt.

On top of that, Swift has also helped the economy through her Eras Tour. On average, 54,000 fans attended the American leg of the tour. These fans had to find a place to eat, a hotel to stay at, and activities to do before the concert. All of the venues are also making a lot of money off of the tour. Our country is always in debt, so maybe someone with the qualities of Swift can help us get out of this debt.

If the statistics have not convinced you that Swift would make a great president, think about her music. There is a genre for any mood, and she just won Apple Music’s Artist of the Year for 2023 to add a cherry on top of her 12 Grammys. Through Swift’s fan base, benefits to the economy, music and just being her, she would make a great president.

So the next time you are watching a movie, TV show or listening to music, think about what it would look like if those celebrities were the president of the U.S. Maybe some of their qualities will help your voting in the upcoming elections.