Grocery store under Campus View III will provide students with healthier meals, miscellaneous necessities

Screenshot of the Campus View III grocery store from https://housing.utahtech.edu.

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Imagine you don’t have to catch a ride to the store to get your groceries. Instead, you just simply walk on campus. 

That fairytale is becoming a reality. Campus View Suites III will have a grocery store on the first floor for students to use.

Jon Gibb, director of facilities planning and construction, said construction for the new housing complex started Aug. 24, 2022, and will be completed June 30, 2024. 

Zach Gates, director of dining services, said that the idea for an on-campus grocery store originated when he returned to our university in 2021 as the dining director. Gates toured the Brigham Young University campus and gained some ideas to bring to Utah Tech University.

Gates said because our university’s dining space is limited, he went to BYU for ideas that he could incorporate into already existing buildings on campus. His original idea was to upgrade and expand Brooks Stop, but Paul Morris, vice president of administrative affairs, suggested using space in CV3.

Seth Gubler, director of housing and resident life, said this is when Morris decided to add the concept to the overall construction project of CV3. 

The grocery store will offer a convenient option for on-campus students to go grocery shopping within walking distance of their dorms. Those who do not have means of transportation or would rather save time and gas, won’t have to worry about any kind of driving conflicts to get their groceries. This will also provide jobs for students. 

While the inventory of the grocery store is still being decided, it will include food and non-food items, like toilet paper and personal hygiene products. Gubler also said student fees will not increase with the addition of the store. 

Gates said: “This is part of the campus housing build. Dining doesn’t get to use student fees for any of our operations currently. We are a self-operated entity that has to earn our own money to pay for staff, equipment…This will only be on campus as an added benefit to students.”

Any student, faculty, staff or St. George community member will be able to shop, although Gates doesn’t foresee any non-students visiting the grocery store as much. He said the store will be small, but it will cater to students’ wants and needs. Students will be able to spend dining dollars, Bison Bucks and meal plan money at the store as well. 

Prices at the store will reflect the prices at Harmons and Lin’s. Paul Morris, vice president of administrative affairs, said this is because the university is partnering with Associated Foods. He said the store has to meet minimum sales requirements to participate in the Associated Foods distribution program. 

Roxanne Krietzman, resident life area coordinator, said that based on the items expected to be in store, students will have access to ingredients that will ensure healthy meals. 

“While I believe [Utah Tech] is far from the comprehensive dining program that our students deserve, the addition of a grocery store is still a great step in the right direction…The convenience will be unparalleled.”