Embrace the love: peer coaches and SOL arrange Valentine’s booth

The Peer Coach Program collaborated with the Student Organization of Latinos to arrange a Valentine’s Day booth, providing happiness for students on the holiday of love. The booth’s volunteers from the two organizations passed out 200 roses to students throughout the morning, and to get a rose, students had to finish the sentence on a whiteboard, “The person I love…” Cora Mark | Sun News Daily

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For the past few years, the peer coaches have been giving more than roses on Valentine’s Day; they spread joy and love to the Utah Tech University community.

This year, the Student Organization of Latinos has joined the peer coaches to bring even more excitement to this holiday.

This year, 200 roses were handed out to students to take with one exception. Participants need to write down on a whiteboard who they love. Some examples written were significant others, organizations on campus and pets. The peer coaches then posted the pictures on their Instagram as a way to spread love.

SOL Vice President Ariana Sanchez, a sophomore medical laboratory science major from Layton, said: “It is important to engage with other clubs on campus because we are all here trying to do one thing. [We are here] trying to get that college experience, get that degree, and it makes it easier for everyone if they can find more connections and find more friends and a place on campus where they can be seen.”

Trevi Ogilvie, a senior marketing major from Heber City and vice president of peer coach public relations, was in charge of the event this year. She helped organize the event and plan it with SOL.

In November, the peer coaches did a similar event handing on yellow roses to express friendship. Ogilvie learned that the company she ordered from previously doesn’t take preorders because of Valentine’s Day. This left her with the choice of buying 200 red roses from Costco.

“The main purpose of this event is to spread love and let the student body know that peer coaches are a thing,” Ogilvie said. “Last year I think we bought a little less, but since we are doing it with SOL, I figured we would have more people come.”

For peer coach Taylor Rhoten, a senior history major from Flagstaff, Arizona, this event has a special place in her heart. This event was one of the first events where she made close friends and got connected on campus.

“…It was a way to spread love and to meet new people and to interact with people outside of the peer coaches,” Rhoten said.

Rhoten was even more excited this year to continue the tradition and make more memories.

Sanchez said: “This event is a great way to show everyone we care. It doesn’t matter if you have a Valentine or not. Students on campus have a spot and we care.”