Utah Tech tuition, student fees increased

Interim President White sent out a mass email March 29 addressing the tuition increase that will take effect during the upcoming fall semester. With these increases, students can expect to pay $150 more for tuition and student fees. Mason Britton | Sun News Daily

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With a tuition increase set to take place in the fall semester, Utah Tech University continues to maintain its standing as one of the most affordable regional universities in Utah.

The university will be increasing tuition by $84 per semester for resident undergrads and adding a $32 student fee making the increase 3.2%.

Interim University President Courtney White said: “Please know that we never take tuition increases lightly. We acknowledge these are challenging economic times… UT remains one of the best values in the country.”

The Student Union building will get $22 of the student fee. The building will be a place for future students to be able to socialize, do homework and more. The building will include more event space allowing the university to host bigger events.

A new campus store will also be built into the building. The store is anticipated to be larger than the current store and the spaces to dine will also be larger, including outdoor patios and balconies.

Utah Tech is making efforts to maintain a suitable staff. The pay increase for educators will allow them the ability to keep a quality learning environment, all while keeping up with inflation in the labor market. 

For eligible full-time employees, there will be a 3.0% base salary increase. One-time bonuses were paid last August to eligible full-time employees. Fall of this upcoming year, there will be a pay increase of $850-900 per workload credit for part-time employees and overload instruction.

Bryant Flake, executive director of planning and budget, said the university gets funding from the state to cover a large part of compensation cost increases, but some of the cost must come from the tuition funds.

Worries have been voiced about the tuition increase and how it will affect them. The university has options for students to get financial aid, such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. FAFSA allows students to apply for federal grants, loans and work-study funds. Scholarships are also available to apply for through the university.

J.D. Robertson, executive director of financial aid and scholarships, said, “The Utah Tech financial aid office is ready and willing to assist with the FAFSA process.”

The university also offers a food pantry in the Browning building. This pantry allows students to get the food they need.

Robertson said, “Both resources can financially assist students in covering their tuition, fees and other educational costs for the coming year.”

Utah Tech has new additions coming to campus, and the tuition increase is there to help accommodate some of those additions for both students and staff.