Tech Sassy: Three online resources make tedious college tasks easier

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Most college students are looking for ways to make their lives easier whether they are trying to find a job, a great deal on an apartment, or just looking for somewhere to safely store school work.

Lucky for us, we live in the Internet age, and that makes everything easier. In my Internet scouring, I’ve managed to find three websites that will make a big difference in how you find the things you are looking for.


A big part of college is renting apartments. Whether it’s for the semester, the year, or even longer, you want to make sure you are getting a good price in your area. Now, you could just trust the real estate agent, or you could use Rentometer.

Rentometer.com compares rental prices in your area against the property you are looking at and shows you whether the price is high or low for the area. If you use the fully-developed older version, it will compare against nearly 1,000 places nearby, but the beta version narrows down the results to about 50.

I did a little testing on the site to see if it was really accurate. I entered my address and picked out three for rent properties around me to compare it against. Sure enough, the rent amounts on Rentometer were accurate against the listed amounts from the real estate agents, which makes it a great tool for college students on the apartment hunt.


One of the harsh realities of life is eventually, whether during school or after, you’ll probably have to get a job. The good news is it’s a lot easier to apply for jobs now than it has ever been. The better news is I’m about to make your job hunt a lot simpler.

Indeed.com is my go-to for an all-in-one job search engine. It has everything you need and none of the random things you don’t. It has a search bar where you can search by type of job (medical, customer service, etc.) or location (city, state or zip code). The results are all from most recent posts or most relevant if you searched by job type. The best part is when you find a job, it will list the requirements as well as link you directly to the application server.


The most gut-wrenching feeling is that moment when your computer crashes and the repair person tells you there is nothing in the world that will fix it. You would never think that feeling could get any worse—until you realize your 12-page final essay was stored on your computer.

For that exact reason I went on a hunt for some sort of online storage for my important files and found Justcloud. While Justcloud has a limited capacity of 15 megabytes for the free accounts, it’s more than enough to store your most important documents for school or work.

Justcloud is available as an app on any mobile platform as well as a website and computer download, which makes documents accessible anywhere at any time.

What websites or applications do you recommend for keeping organized and making college life a little bit easier? Send me a tweet @techsass or let us know on Facebook.com/Dixiesunnews.