Tall women should stick with like-sized men

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Tall women with short men? No thanks.

A man’s hands, not his head, should be at a woman’s waist when they dance.

Now, I’m not talking about a two-inch difference here. I’m talking about the 5-foot-5-inch man going after the 6-foot woman. While he might be sexy, the below-average height of a man with the model height of a woman would only make him smaller in comparison. Plus, what woman wants to feel like her man couldn’t protect her if ever in any danger? And what man wants to have to look up to his woman?

Short men who date tall women usually get a huge case of little man syndrome where huge trucks, oversized muscles and useless bar fights make them feel tough. But does that mean they’re really being protective and reasonable or just silly and immature? I’d go with the latter.

On top of that, heels make any woman look more feminine, no matter how tall she is, whereas men have no support in that area. Women, legs look sleeker and sexier when wearing heels and most men would agree, so why should she have to suffer that loss to make sure she doesn’t completely tower over her man more than she already does?

In all honesty, as a tall woman, I’ve had more than one man ask me to please where smaller heels so he doesn’t feel so minuscule next to me. Fair enough, right? No, it sucks, ever tried finding a size 9, 2-inch heel? Unless you’re shopping in the 60 and older section, it’s hard. 

Some women are OK with wearing flats and slouching to seem somewhat close to the size of the man they are dating. I’m not, and other tall women usually agree.

Some men would argue this makes them look more masculine because they scored a slender, tall woman, but I beg to differ.

It makes the relationship look disproportionate and the man, even if super bulked up from the gym, look small.

Have you ever tried cuddling on the couch with a man who is smaller than you? It’s an awkward sideways cramped position where his arm is over your shoulder, and you’re trying to feel like your torso fits inside his. It’s not fun and never comfortable.

And holding hands is just the same. It’s like holding hands with a small boy as you cross the street. Try that with a 6-foot woman and a 5’5″ man. It’s somewhat embarrassing.

While dating is, and should be, all about personality and how two people feel toward one another, a person would be lying if he or she said the initial attraction didn’t come from his or her physical nature.

A major height difference may be a deal breaker in a relationship, and while some find it attractive, I say look around. There are plenty of people out there looking for somebody just the right height for them.