Hosting get-togethers should be stress-free, clean

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Moving out on your own is a switch in social scene. You’re living with roommates, making lots of friends, and enjoying a variety of different people in and out of the house.

I’ve only lived on my own for more than two months; however, I have already thrown my fair share of soirees.

When planning a get-together, for either friends or family, it’s important to consider who is going to be attending. If it’s your family, you may want to hide the booze and naughty truth-or-dare game and make the switch to something less college-friendly and a bit more family-friendly.

Nobody wants to see mom or dad biting the ear of the person to his or her left—who just happens to be grandma.

Have activities that all attending can enjoy. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to go crazy and plan an activity for every minute of the evening, but having at least a couple of things for guests to do is ideal.

Set out a few card games. Maybe have a movie playing quietly in the background or a football sitting ready at the back door for the athletic ones in the group. Assure guests that they aren’t limited to witty banter all evening and can in fact find entertainment in different ways if they feel the need.

There is nothing worse than being invited over to a get-together, walking in the door, and soon realizing there are no refreshments.

I’m not a huge foodie, but come on, if you are inviting guests over for an evening, have something for them to munch on. ­Keep it simple and don’t go the store and overload on sweets and appetizers. Chips and salsa, drinks and maybe a pan of brownies will suffice. Be mindful of how many guests will be attending and plan accordingly.

Clean your house. There is really no better way to say it; in fact, I feel so strongly about this that I will say it once more. Clean your house.

Calm down, you don’t need to hire service or clean your carpets, but you do need to clean your toilets.

Give your house some quick lovin’. Sweep the dead bugs and last night’s macaroni off the floor. Clean your bathroom sink and mirror and rid it of your roommate’s popped-zit remnants.

And for heaven’s sake, please take two minutes to clean the ring around your toilet. Spray some air freshener or light a candle, and you are done; a clean house without breaking your back or the bank.

I try not to judge a book by its cover; however, there have been a few times when invited to a friendly get-together, I was more than excited to walk right back out that door.

For example, once I was invited to a small get-together thrown by a boy of interest. Excited, I invited a few friends promising them a good wholesome time. After almost an hour of sitting and twiddling our thumbs, staring at one another and listening to some half-baked jokes, I was ready to get out of there. But not before a quick stop to the bathroom where I later decided upon finding beard shavings and a speckled mirror, that I would hold it until I got home. 

It’s just without something to munch on, without a few activities at my disposal and without a clean, usable bathroom, I’d much rather be lounging at my own house on a Friday night. 

Don’t stress; after all, having guests over to your new place should be fun and exciting. By all means, go as all-out or casual as you would like–you know your guests better than I. Be a good host or hostess, while still enjoying the evening yourself. And who knows, maybe you will be invited to the next soiree of one of your guests.