Philosophy on campus not limited to textbooks

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There is not a philosophy department per se at Dixie State University, and as an avid reader of the classics and philosophy, I would like to share my philosophy of every day living on campus. 

First and foremost, the desire to attain knowledge is universal. Though this is a factor for every student, we all attempt this particular goal for various personal, financial and cultural reasons. Let’s get real; a degree doesn’t ensure you are literate. 

I have talked to students whose main focus in life is a degree. Yeah, it gets you a good job in the future, and perhaps if you become that suave professor, it may even get you laid. 

Remember: Life is not only about a degree, your income or even how many A’s you have. It is about finding yourself and self-discovery. 

Get a degree, but learn on the way, and become a wise old man or woman graduating with a true sense of purpose. 

If you aspire to be the next Snookie, aim higher, perhaps a little higher than tan lines and broken English. You are enrolled in a university; help the school live up to its new status. In other words, don’t be a tool.

I have lived in St. George long enough to notice the “Situations” living among us in this lovely desert community. Talk about losing my “Vom” all over the floor.

Let sleeping boys lie. If you find a college crush, or the husband or wife of your dreams on campus, don’t go overboard. Keep two feet on the ground and your ring finger in your pocket. Marriage can wait; take some time get to know each other. Remember when courting was longer than ten minutes?  

On a side note: All women and men on campus should watch the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You.” It’s a must watch for the lovesick women and men of Dixie State University who want to avoid future divorces. 

Stay healthy. As students we have a tendency to forget to eat, eat junk food or diet excessively to keep that drop dead gorgeous body. As your mom would say, “Eat your vegetables!”

I myself was too lazy to make dinner after school, and by the time the second day came around, I had forgotten to eat breakfast. It set a bad cycle for my body. I ate dinner later the second day — having Wendy’s and 3 Red bulls.  I know Mom would not be proud of me in the least. 

Also, keep an open mind. 

“Stubborn and ardent clinging to one’s opinion is the best proof of stupidity,” French Philosopher and Realist Michel de Montaigne said.

Seek an ever steady abundance of adventures in self-discovery, not instant mental and philosophical retirement. 

“It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others,” Montaigne said. 

“Its a good thing,” Martha Stewart would say if she were a philosopher. Just remember not to use Pledge; I hear it messes with the dendrites. 

I have “Pledged” to myself and God to always be a student of life first and follower of none. Well, perhaps if I saw Sam Worthington or Eion Bailey on campus, I might follow them all day long.

Read the Dixie Sun News. Education also comes from involvement in life, and knowing the news both local and international does just that. Just think, the more you read the news the more subject matter you will have for conversations with your dog or cat, or perhaps fellow students and professors.

Why so serious? Get your crayon. Learn to let go and be a kid; have fun with this experience. 

Reach a bit further to that wisdom in all of us, and we can share with each other. Feel free to email me at [email protected] and follow me on Twitter @CCjacks32.