Religion creates character

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   If an organization, such as a religious institution, can produce well-rounded people with high morals and high standards, it seems reasonable that we would employ these people.

   We would seek to have these people in our places of influence, organization and public relation because it seems obvious that doing so is advantageous. If we want to have a system run well, we have to have quality people to run it.

   There have been debates on our campus that religion should or should not play a role in selecting a president. Some even believe the president should be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, lending to the major religious influence in the St. George community.

   We do not need to choose an LDS president for the religion’s sake; however, we should realize that religion greatly influences the character of a person.

   If a particular religion is dependable upon improving the conduct of its congregations, regardless of what sect it is, we should value that in the people we are considering for presidency at Dixie.

   Morals we decide upon as being right or wrong are greatly influenced by our religious beliefs.

   People will not participate in degrading or scandalizing business transactions because they believe doing so is against the commandments of God. This comes of great value when looking for an honest person to employ as the head of an educational institution.

   Even if we belong to no religion at all, the decisions we make and the ethics we believe in are greatly influenced by our decision to not affiliate with others upon spiritual matters.

   This doesn’t mean we should judge them upon the doctrine of the new school president’s religion and whether it matches ours.

   The value is not in selecting a people because of their distinct religious doctrines but in looking at what their religion has helped them to become.

   To look at what people have become as a result of their religious affiliation is of great advantage to any employer who wants to find honest, dependable and reliable employees.