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Owning up to shortcomings important in leadership

One of the surest ways to hinder our full potential as students in college is to pass blame to other people.  Leaders don’t “pass the buck.” Leaders take full responsibility for what they do and then seek to improve upon it. We can gain the advantage if we will use the opportunities of responsibility to […]

Resolutions and goals create productivity

Living each day without a plan is like putting a whole bunch of flower, water, eggs, butter, sugar and spices into a mixer without really knowing what we want to make. In order to succeed in life and really come out on top, we have to develop a game plan of what we are going to […]

Leaders Welcome: Leadership qualities not easily attained

We students must become greater leaders at Dixie State University. You may ask why and how, so let me elaborate. Leadership isn’t a title you can buy; it’s not something you can be appointed to. Leadership is developed over time; it’s an essential trait for a free society to succeed, and yet, we understand so […]

DOCUTAH beams limelight on DSU

The DOCUTAH Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival commenced last night, offering Dixie State University students, locals and tourists myriad ways to get invovled.  In addition to screening the films at no cost to DSU students, the festival is offering four $250 scholarships.  To enter to win a scholarship, students should check in at the […]

Commercial 2

Here is the re-do after meeting with Rhiannon and Dave

Coach Simkins is leading a Storm

Head coach Randy Simkins has been leading the Dixie State softball team to many victories through recruiting great team members and teaching effective skills.

Religion creates character

   If an organization, such as a religious institution, can produce well-rounded people with high morals and high standards, it seems reasonable that we would employ these people.    We would seek to have these people in our places of influence, organization and public relation because it seems obvious that doing so is advantageous. If […]