Women suffer costly living

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Diamonds used to be a girl’s best friend until she stopped caring about diamonds and went straight for the cash and technology.

I hate to admit it, but we like to spend money, specifically on ourselves. Maybe it’s a self-esteem thing. Maybe it’s nature. Whatever it is, it’s expensive.

Women are already spending more than guys with feminine products and makeup alone, and even though guys spend money on themselves, too, they tend to lean toward a pricey wristwatch or stylish jacket. Males are rarely seen spending more time and money on themselves than they have to. 

We all spend money on everything, but women either care more or they are all inherently high-maintenance to some extent. I think it’s both.  

That is not to say that all girls are high-maintenance — because they are not. I like to think I’m not high-maintenance, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been hiding from myself for years that I actually am.

I’m not your normal girl. It’s not that I believe there is a standard for “normal” nowadays, but I’m definitely not girly. I have short hair (which isn’t exactly cheap to maintain). I wear snapbacks, T-shirts and pants with Vans on a regular basis. Do I change my shirt and hat at least four times before leaving my house to go out? Absolutely. I strategize every outfit down to my socks with a methodical ridiculousness that no one notices except for me. My hair has to be perfect if I go hatless, and I have to use at least three different hair products to get those results.

An army buddy of mine with similar style once called it “swag,” but I don’t like to brag. Although, he did always say I dressed better than him. Maybe I’m just obsessed with $15 pairs of socks. I might possibly be crazy, but I’m not the only one.

A lot of us women out there could probably spend less money on stuff. We want to look good, but it’s not always cheap. Before we feel too guilty about how vain we sound, we do spend money on things other than clothes, while not by choice.

Along with that monthly payment we fork out for a gym membership and the occasional shopping spree, us females have other monthly things to spend our money on, unfortunately. Against our own wills and by the will of nature, women have periods. Why are we cranky that one time a month? Probably because of the unnecessary amount of money we just spent on feminine products. Tampons aren’t cheap these days, folks, and neither is Midol.

Aside from that, and clothes, we don’t ever spend money. Oh wait, that’s a straight up lie. Our phones and other gadgets are sometimes the center of our lives.

Besides that, my music is more than half of the storage on my device.

When Beyoncé dropped an album without notice earlier this year, did any of us had time to plan on buying it? No. We just bought it.

An argument can possibly be made for lack of self-control, but when it comes to things as serious as Beyoncé, one must act purely on impulse.

In all seriousness, women have more expenses than men. I only wear mascara, but that still means I’m out seven more bucks than my guy friends. I can’t imagine what a full set of all kinds of makeup would cost, and it’s not just a one-time buy. Every month, at the least, women have extra expenses to sort out.

Maybe women deserve to be high maintenance simply because they are forced to live a life with monthly periods. That’s it. I’ve solved everything. It’s all a vicious cycle. No pun intended.