DSU dance team deserves equal scholarship funding

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   The Dixie State University athletic department budget keeps certain sports teams afloat while leaving others to fend for themselves.

   The Dixie State dance team has a lack of funding from the athletic department when it comes to things like scholarships, trips and costumes. It is upsetting when the women of the dance team put in time and effort and do not get funding like other teams at DSU.

   I have been a member of the Dixie State dance team for two years. The women and I work hard three times a week in practice and go to all of the scheduled games. The dance team has never done anything intentionally wrong to deserve the treatment it is given.

   I pay $750 at the beginning of each year for dance camp and costume fees. I also paid $50 for new shoes and $650 for a trip to Hawaii to perform at the men’s and women’s basketball games this year.

   I love being a part of the dance team, and that is why I spend the money to be on it, but it doesn’t seem fair that other teams get to travel many times throughout a season with its trips paid for.

   The dance team also does not get much support from scholarship help, either. Only the presidency gets scholarship, which it rightfully deserves, but it does not get paid enough for the work it puts forth for the team. The presidency makes team schedules, plans out practices, cuts music, teaches the routines the dance team performs, puts together an end-of-the-year showcase, etc.

   I consider members on the dance team on the same level as other team’s players because they  perform at every football and basketball game. This gives each member of the team a place in the line for scholarships.

   I am not saying the athletic department treats the dance team wrong; it is respectful of the team. However, I do not appreciate the lack of funds being given to the dance team while other teams are getting the load of the money the department gives out.

   Each athletic team’s money amount ranges on the number of students it carries. While other teams have less players than some, money needs to be equally distributed. I do not mean to ask the athletic department to split the money evenly between the 15 teams at DSU; I just mean to make sure every team is getting what it deserves.

   I have full confidence when I say every team at DSU works extremely hard to be the best it can at its sport of choice. So why does the athletic department need to focus its efforts and funding on the few sports some people would consider more important?

   All the teams do their part to make DSU the school it is. They work together to bring athletics to the spotlight. Why does money need to separate the sports teams? I do not think there is one team better than another that deserves to be given more. Some teams need more money due to more players, which is understandable, but do not hand money while others put in effort for no rewards.

   The Dixie State dance team has earned the right to say it wants more.