Our View: Support fellow students by supporting Dixie Sun News

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   The Dixie Sun News may not match up to The New York Times or The Salt Lake Tribune; however, as a student-run news publication and the voice of Dixie State University, we deserve equal respect.

   The work we put into the paper is nothing short of backbreaking, but we firmly believe it’s work worth putting ourselves through for the benefit of the student body. Our goal is simple: to make students aware of DSU-related news and issues and to contribute something meaningful to the university.

   We also aim to make information easily accessible for everyone on campus as well as in the surrounding community. After all, we are all in college to learn and gain real-world experience.

   The content that goes into the newspaper is strictly geared toward the student body. We attend sports games, student government activites and academic-related events to support what students do at DSU. Sadly, we do not receive equal support from students when it comes to the newspaper.

   We value every student’s vision because it’s often a vision we all share. That’s why it’s essential every student supports us. If we are going to deliver news that matters to the students — things students actually want to read about in the paper — we need the student body to give us helpful feedback.

   We highly encourage students to write letters to the editor with suggestions for the staff. It could be letting us know about an upcoming event or simply informing us of a mistake we made in a previous issue. Students can also visit the Dixie Sun News website where we post all of our stories and give us feedback on our Facebook and Twitter pages. It shows us that students respect what we do for the paper, and that’s all we could ask for.

   By reading the newspaper, students are gaining some of the most in-depth information and insight into what goes on at DSU. Every student has a chance to contribute to the Dixie Sun and to make a difference in the college community. We hope everyone will take that chance.