What are the worst movie theater manners?

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   This is big a year for movie releases.

   Movies like “Divergent,” “The Fault in Our Stars” and Marvel’s new film “The Guardians of the Galaxy,” are sure to attract plenty of movie-goers. With the theaters filled, we can also expect there to be many violations of proper movie theater etiquette.

   Some of us may or may not check our phones in the middle of a good flick, even though it seems to be one of the main acts people find annoying in a movie theater.

   A crowded theater can come with a lot of noise and distractions. But even if the theater is almost empty, good theater etiquette is most desirable to make people’s movie-going experiences the best they can be.

   Here is what some DSU students said are the perks or downfalls of going to the movies:

   Jake King, a sophomore business major from St. George, said: “It’s nice to not be the only one in there, but when it’s completely filled up, it gets a little distracting or annoying. Usually it’s like people talking, keeping their feet behind your head or throwing popcorn around.”

   Bryeann Barckley, a junior psychology major from Canyon Lake, Calif., said: “Put your cell phones away. No talking or obnoxious laughing. Empty theaters are better that way. The less people, the less distractions. You can just sit there and enjoy the movie like you’re at home.”

   Braedon Watts, a senior psychology from St. George, said: “It drives me nuts when there [are] those disrespectful teenagers that are really immature and make stupid comments. That’s usually what irritates me. I prefer more empty [theaters], but I don’t mind the crowded ones.”

   Lauren Lavigne, a freshman theater major from Chicopee, Mass., said: “I know sometimes I check my phone because I get a message or something, but I always have it really dim. I know there are people that have it on full blast on the brightness. Then they’ll constantly be texting the whole time, and that kind of sucks.”