Healthy comes before skinny

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  Healthy is the new skinny — or at least it should be.

   Dieting, thigh-gaps and skipping meals are too often spoken of in the average woman’s college apartment. But this is not what truly matters.

   There is so much pressure to have a slim figure when, in reality, there are much more important aspects to the subject of eating healthy and exercising regularly.  

   The subject of body image and the importance of being stick-skinny comes up nine out of 10 times when I hang out with my female friends. Frankly, I’m sick of how much women complain about their bodies. It is clear to see that society has put a bigger focus on how important it is to be skinny over the past years. It is horrible that magazines can feature perfectly normal-sized women and call them “overweight.”

   My roommates and I decided to make a New Year’s resolution to exercise daily and eat more nourishing foods. I noticed a big difference not in the way my body looks but in the way I feel. Although it is discouraging that my body-image hasn’t changed, I can tell I am healthy, and that is a big enough reward for me.

   We need to appreciate how amazing our bodies are. They are capable of so much. So many people spend so much time worrying about how their bodies look instead of how they work.

   Lately, I have been realizing how lucky I am. I can do so many fun things because I have a young, fit body. I went hiking, tumbling, mountain biking and played soccer in the past week because I have been blessed with a capable body. There are so many people with disabilities who don’t get the opportunity to do all of these adventurous things. Yet, I still hear most of my female friends complain about how they have cellulite or big thighs.

   Even if we worked out for six hours a day, we will always think there is something to improve on. Our genes decide whether or not we will be tall and skinny or short and stalky. We will eventually have to learn to accept it because there is no magic potion that will make us grow six inches. 

   But it is hard for students to put forth that much effort when having other responsibilities. Having a steady, reasonable diet and exercise plan is the best way to stay healthy. 

  I have been told by a lot of men that they don’t notice the little things women do. Women tend to nit-pick every little thing that is wrong with their bodies, and it gets them nowhere.

   Ladies, do not let your self-worth come from the size of jeans you wear. Being healthy and happy should always come before the number that appears on the scale when you step on it.