Fit n’ Pretty: Biotin grants haircare wishes

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Attention all long hair coveters: I have the magic pill.


Meet me in a dark alley after class, and I’ll hook you up. I’m just kidding. The pill is actually an innocent but powerful member of the B vitamin family, and it can be found at most super markets — no dark alleys are required.


It seems like all my friends, even male friends, are impatiently waiting for their hair to grow longer. Even the chicks with long manes, like yours truly, are looking for longer, stronger and healthier locks. So among all the hair craze, I’ve heard a great deal about Biotin. The word on the street is that Biotin is a natural supplement that increases the speed of hair growth. I’ve seen an abundance of blog testimonials, Pinterest posts and personal referrals that sing the praises of Biotin. 


Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, which means the body doesn’t store excess amounts of the supplement. Because of this, it’s nearly impossible to get too much Biotin. Biotin helps the body convert food into energy, metabolizes fats and proteins, and supports healthy skin, hair, eyes, nervous system and liver, according to the  University of Maryland Medical Center’s website.


You may experience hair loss or lack of hair growth if you are Biotin deficient. However, Biotin deficiency is rare in the United States because most individuals consume enough foods containing Biotin to maintain normal levels. Even if you have normal Biotin levels, taking a Biotin supplement can capitalize your body’s ability to stimulate rapid hair growth, according to fitday.com.


I was eager to head to the local vitamin store and purchase my very own bottle. I bought a bottle of 5,000-microgram pills, which I’ve heard is the appropriate amount to take when looking to lengthen hair. The bottle costs about $15, and if you take the recommended daily dose, it will last 100 days. 


I began taking Biotin the beginning of February. Along with Biotin, I also made sure to take a multivitamin (I prefer Garden of Life’s female multivitamin) and at least 1,500 milligrams of fish oil. These supplements maximize overall health and ensure your body is a well-running machine that’s ready and able to sprout out gorgeous locks.


I also started altering my day-to-day hair care routine. I stopped brushing my hair when it was wet and instead waited until my hair naturally dried to brush it out. Doing this makes hair easier to brush with less tangles and protects it from the ripping and splitting that often happens when brushing wet hair. I also vowed to only use heated tools on my hair twice a week. Pause for reaction. I promise it’s easier than you would think, all of you flat iron addicts.


After six weeks of daily Biotin intake and diligent care for my hair, I began noticing a difference. First of all, Biotin doesn’t just stimulate hair growth on top of the head. It stimulates hair growth everywhere, and hair growth is more noticeable on areas that are constantly shaved. So, basically what that means is I went from shaving my legs every other day to having to shave every single day. I know that’s not ideal, but it’s the price we pay for beauty, right? Right.


My hair had noticeably grown more than usual after weeks of Biotin use. I kept track by measuring my grown-out highlights; I measure just over an inch of growth. I’ve also noticed far less breakage and split ends since I stopped brushing my wet hair and using my blow dryer.  


I’m sold on Biotin, and I plan on using it until I achieve the hair length I desire. So, to all those fantasizing about luscious locks, stop day dreaming about French braids and mermaid hair and start the daily dose of Biotin.