Embarrassment doesn’t exist for some DSU students

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My confidence depends on who I’m with.

If I’m with crazy people who have a lot of confidence, I will too. But if I’m with people who get embarrassed easily, I usually lack confidence. But there have been some people I’ve seen on campus who have a lot of guts to do something weird in public.

Unicycles, people singing to themselves, and public outbursts about sexuality are only a few of the weird things I have seen on the Dixie State University campus.   

The casual unicyclist

While heading to class one day, I came across a man casually riding a unicycle around campus. Riding a unicycle in public takes a lot of talent and courage.

Some people may have looked at him like he was crazy, but because he was confident, he rocked that unicycle.


Karaoke on the go

I have noticed a lot of people, in the library or walking to class, who have their headphones on and are singing along to their music. Whether it is rap, country or alternative, it’s always entertaining to see somebody singing out loud to themselves.

Then I saw a guy a few months ago who was walking down the street and singing along to his rap music. He wasn’t doing this calmly though, he looked like he was spitting words out while having a seizure. I honestly was a little scared as I passed him.


Keep it to yourself

I was in the Jeffery R. Holland Centennial Commons building when a middle-aged man walked in the library and started yelling about how he is homosexual. He asked if anyone had a problem with it, but the students in the library seemed a little intimidated by the boisterous man. Whether this was appropriate or not, it was very distracting and annoying for the students trying to study.

I respect people who can do crazy things in public. Some of the coolest people I know love to dress up in cow costumes and go snowboarding or walk around campus while playing the guitar. The world needs more interesting, confident people like them — but not too confident.