Create soundtrack to your day

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There is a soundtrack to the way I spend my day.

Led Zeppelin and a cup of coffee start my morning. Minus The Bear accompanies me as I navigate traffic and get to class on time. While in the library, I put on my headphones and study to the sounds of City and Colour. It is gym time, which means I need to get my energy from Bring Me The Horizon. At the end of the day, I wind down with the soothing notes composed by Erik Satie. 

For many, music accompanies the ins and outs of our lives.

As the new school year starts, it is time to meet new folks with whom you are sharing the college experience. Making connections about who your current favorite singer is, the best concert you have ever been to, or your favorite song from your junior year in high school are great ways to break the ice. 

Music complements one’s mood, such as playing Britney Spears when getting ready for a girl’s night out. Or, music can emulate one’s mood, such as listening to Bright Eyes on a rainy day. 

Music has the power to influence one’s mood as well. This is the significance of your tunes. I can get pretty anxious sometimes. For me, listening to classic rock instantly calms me down. On the other hand, electronic dance music or post-core rock perks me up when I am feeling run-down

Your favorite song can also help with stress management. By taking a few minutes to listen to your song, you can experience the nostalgia of a favorite memory or think of a special person. According to University of Nevada, Reno ’s counseling service site, this is actually a form of meditation that improves focus and relieves some of that massive study-session stress. 

There are two semesters that stand out in my mind when I realized the power of music and its ability to calm me down and help me focus. The first time was when I was going through a divorce. I could scream out along with Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath. The second time was when my dad passed away. Dad loved The Eagles, so I would listen to them to keep the memory of my dad with me.

When it came time to work, I would use music and my obligation to school as an escape from these earth-shattering events.         

Consider your favorite songs and music and how they can be integrated into your daily routine. As a proud super-senior, this would be a piece of advice I offer to new and all students. 

Stressful life situations tend to happen, despite all of the homework that needs to be finished. If you feel too overwhelmed, check out DSU’s Health and Wellness Centerdixie.edu/wellness/.