Our View: Physical Science Building

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Dixie State University students have high expectations for the  physical science building that is in the works on the DSU campus. 

Dixie State University is compared to other Utah universities daily, including Utah State University, Utah Valley University and Weber State University. In order to truly be comparable to them, we must offer what they offer or more. The physical science building needs to be comparable to those of other Utah universities. 

At UVU there are personal trainers available to all students. USU is home to an indoor track, as well as CrossFit rooms. WSU offers multiple group fitness options. All of the amenities and services offered at these universities are valuable and should be included in the physical science building at DSU.

The equipment at the fitness center currently is not always reliable. The new physical science building must house reliable equipment. There needs to be an increased amount of cardio equipment in the new building. The amount of students at DSU is increasing, the equipment must do the same.

Other universities have places in their centers where students can buy protein shakes, smoothies or other post workout items. Having a place like this in the DSU physical science building would increase the amount of use at the facility.

With the construction of a new building comes the increased amount of room for new classes and majors. While there are currently some classes, including the physical therapy assistant program, offered at DSU those classes need to be developed, specifically in size. The health science department currently has a small enrollment capacity. That capacity needs to be increased efficiently so that more students can participate in the program. 

The physical therapy program needs to be more encompassing with more structured degree requirements. Dietetic classes need to be offered. Ample lab space needs to be figured into the architecture to allow for the highest possible amount of physical science research and testing to take place. It is important that the planned degrees, exercise science, health promotion and wellness, and teacher education allow for experiential learning to take place.

With the strengthening of the physical therapy program, it would be ideal for the building to have a full-function area for athletes to train, separate from the general student fitness center. Centralizing the physical therapy and athlete training would make it easier for athletes to attend physical therapy and for PT students to gain experience.

This building is an opportunity for DSU. A physical science building could attract more athletes, which could better DSU sports teams. Highly accredited athletes are looking to play at universities that allow them to train fully and increase their physical abilities. A fully equipped physical science building at DSU would give those athletes a place to train, improve and receive the medical attention they need. With an increase in student athlete population there is an increase in the range of abilities on sports teams.  

The building will allow for more classes and degrees to be offered, which will boost DSU academically and help it to reach university reputation. This building is needed at DSU, and it needs to be used efficiently and effectively.

It is crucial that the Board of Regents see the importance of this building and recognize the positive impact that it will make on DSU. While the construction of this building, program development and upkeep will be expensive, it is a valuable expense for DSU. This building will widen DSU’s opportunities, athletically, academically and statistically as a university.