Canvas should be required for full-time teachers

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Canvas – I think it is a good thing, but some might not think the same way. 

I like when my professors use Canvas. For the first thing, it makes it easier to track assignments. When I can track my assignment, I can just look on Canvas instead of emailing my professor and hoping for a response.

English instructor Tiffany Draper said she likes to use Canvas because it has so many great things in one place.

“Canvas makes the lives of professors easier,” Draper said. “Canvas makes it easy because I can send messages, put assignments up and put grades up all in one site.”

The second thing I like about Canvas is being able to know what the lesson is going to be in upcoming classes. This way I can prepare for the class before hand. If I feel like going ahead in class – which I don’t do very often – I can look to see what I need to do.

Another good part of Canvas is being able to see your grades in class. When Canvas is being used and updated it shows all the grades up to date. This way I don’t have to stress about what my grade is in the class. I can go to Canvas instead of having to contact the professor and wait for them to respond with my grade.

My favorite part of Canvas is the calendar feature. It has all of the assignments, for the classes that are on Canvas, listed in order that they are due. It makes it really easy to just look at the calendar and see what day assignments are due. Instead of having to worry about putting it in a planner, it is just right there already done. That is one less thing that I have to do.

The only thing that I have seen go wrong with Canvas that caused a problem in a class was when Canvas for some reason wouldn’t keep the grades the teacher already had put in. The professor had to hurry and redo all the grades. Fortunately, he was able to get all the grades back in before it affected the class too much.

Biology professor  Bryan Stevens said he has never really used Canvas. He said Canvas is something that you paint on–not put grades on.

“I have never sat down and tried to use it,” Stevens said. “If I maybe start teaching more classes I will learn how to use it, but at this time I haven’t.” 

When my professors use Canvas it makes it easier for me because everything is in one place. If a professor is full time, I think they should have to take a crash course on how to use it. Although if they are an adjunct professor like Stevens I think it should be up to them. Adjunct professors don’t teach full time, so if they are to use Canvas it could almost create more work for them. 

Even with its few glitches and problems, I think Canvas is a good and useful thing. It helps out not only the students, but the professors as well. It makes the work for both parties much easier. When a student has a full load of classes it is nice when assignments are up and show when they are due. I can plan accordingly when trying to decide what homework needs to be done first.