Letter to the Editor: Student feminist responds to Havens’ article

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I am a feminist. I would like to address a few statements regarding feminism and gender:

“Feminism has a horrible reputation… traditionally it’s been one-sided.” 
Men have always had rights in our culture. Women’s rights have not even been assumed. That’s why feminism is important. 

“The movement isolates men and doesn’t enforce equality.”
Cultural and societal construction creates an isolated structure of manhood – Not feminism. See Jacktson Katz – anti-sexist male advocate. 

“There is so much emphasis on women’s rights… I won’t be surprised if the next generation of women turn out to be completely entitled.” 
I deserve to stop living with a constant awareness of how I am being perceived according to gender performance and to express myself without comment. This is not entitlement. 

“Feminism should change its name.” 
Changing the name makes women invisible through the construct of language.

 “Why was is OK to have men paraded… and we’re allowed to judge them solely off their appearance?” 

The Buzzfeed article is outrageous. Wasn’t it outrageous that this year’s Mr. Dixie pageant featured shirtless men on every flier? This feminist “raged.”  

 “Most guys know how to comfort a girl who’s feeling down about her body. [They] know what to say to make it right.” 

This insinuates when a woman feels insecure, men create validation; validation comes from what he “say[s] to make it right.” This is flawed. Feminism creates accountability in everyone, for everyone.

Melissa Jessop
a senior English major
Salt Lake City