Netflix Roulette: ‘Standing Up’ emotional, family friendly film

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Choosing a movie to watch at night can be frustrating, especially when you are using Netflix.

I have a hard time choosing movies to watch because I never know what I’m in the mood for. To solve this ongoing dilemma, I use Netflix Roulette.

This time when I used the site, my challenge was to choose a genre, change the star rating to one through three stars and to make someone watch the movie with me all the way through.

The movie I rolled was “Standing Up. It’s a about a girl named Grace and a boy named Howie. They are outsiders in their homes and schools and don’t have any friends. To try and help them make friends, both their parents force them to go to summer camp.

After Grace and Howie are horrifically pranked and harassed by their peers at summer camp, they end up being left and stranded on an island together. Instead of waiting to be found, they chose to run away together to escape their bullies and trials. They go on an adventure. Along the way they stay at another camp, pretend to be a couple so they can stay in a motel, steal a car to free themselves from a crazy sheriff, and become life-long friends.

At first I was disappointed because the beginning was sad and horrible to watch. I don’t like watching movies where the characters are in any kind of pain. However, as the movie went on, I became more and more attached to the characters. It was almost like you were experiencing the same emotions as they were.

This movie taught me to cherish the happy moments in my life and not take them for granted.

My friend felt the same way as I did. She said it was like she couldn’t ever feel bad about her life from that moment on because some people have it way worse than she does.

I highly suggest this movie for families. The prank at the beginning is somewhat hard to watch, but all the sadness and pain you feel for Grace and Howie is quickly erased by the comical adventures and experiences they have. It really teaches that you never know when relief is going to come when you’re in hard times. It may not seem like it will come, but it will, and it may come in the strangest ways.

Next time you have no idea what movie to watch, try Netflix Roulette and choose your genre and star rating and let the website choose for you. It is a new and entertaining way to spend a Friday night or any other night.