Viral videos: Wild or trained, dogs are great

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Perfectly-trained or wild in the woods, animals of the canine variety were the theme in this week’s viral videos.

Who can resist a fluffy, cute beast? I know I can’t. Many of the videos on viralviralvideos.com are either Jimmy Kimmel or animal-related, but these two caught my eye and deserve to be shared.

So put down the textbook and notes. Homework and other responsibilities can wait for a little while. Two videos won’t hurt, right?

Smart Dog Plays PingPong


After watching this 27-second clip, I’m a little concerned dogs are going to evolve and eventually become smarter than us. Let’s be honest: The average human isn’t coordinated enough to return that many pingpong balls. Not only does this cute Collie return the ball, but it also uses the edge of the paddle to do it.

What really hits me in the feels are the excited noises the dog makes the entire time. It also jumps up the pingpong table, which might be a technical foul in an official pingpong match, but we’ll let it slide.

Congratulations, dog, you are cuter than most professional pingpong players.

Wolves Join Guitarists Playing In The Woods


This video literally gave me shivers. Maybe it’s because it was filmed in the snow, or I’m a sucker for acoustic music and beards, but this video is one I won’t forget.

Musicians Shawn James and Baker chose a wolf sanctuary in Northern Colorado as the location for their music video. They covered the song “American Hearts” by A.A. Bondy. The video was released in 2013, but has recently gone viral and now has over 2 million views.

My favorite part is about 50 seconds into the video when you can start hearing the howling of multiple wolves in the distance. The guitars strumming accompanied by howling is probably one of the most majestic things I’ve heard.

Another favorite part of mine is at the beginning of the video when the man on the right seems to be watching his friend’s back in case of a wolf attack. I wondered to myself if there were any safety measures put in place for these musicians. 

Whether you like to live life on the wild side or with a rigid training schedule, we obviously have a lot to learn from these animals.