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New advisor hopes to elevate DSU’s literary journals

A fresh mind and pair of eyes now oversees Dixie State University’s two literary journals, aiming to inspire students, faculty, staff and community members to create and be published. Cindy King, assistant professor of English, is the faculty editor and advisor for The Southern Quill, DSU’s yearly printed literary journal and online-only literary journal, The Route 7 Review.  The […]

Upward: Make your 2017 resolutions more meaningful

When you are writing your goals down for 2017, don’t leave out the one that can have the biggest impact. We’re in the midst of the holiday season and soon many people will be daydreaming, talking about and writing down their resolutions for 2017. Let’s not write down the worn-out resolutions we do every year, […]

Literature reading gives perspective on war

Sunlight filtered through the windows of a room where voices — some resolute, some shaky, others tearful — shared literature about war on Friday. This was not the first World War I poetry reading to take place at Dixie State University, but it was the first to be held on Veteran’s Day. A unique energy filled the […]

Upward: Teamwork needed to end gender bias in the workplace

My idea of a perfect world is one where both men and women are able to thrive in their chosen fields without being threatened by each other, and I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I always wanted to be part of the “boys’ club.” Since I could walk, I tagged along with my older […]

Clowns spotted on screen at Horror-Fest 2016

It was a night like any other night. Grey clouds loomed over a near forgotten movie theatre not far from Telegraph Street. Despite its tucked-away location behind the Red Cliffs Mall, the lobby at the Megaplex Theatres at Washington Red Cliffs radiated electric energy Saturday night. A community of filmmakers, actors and fans gathered there for […]

Upward: Success comes easily once you make it personal

Stories flood your phone and TV screen of people enjoying their lavish lifestyles, respected businesses and impressive circles of influence. Things. Status. Power. Although this may seem like a good way to self-motivate, enviously eyeing the people who seem to be doing better than us is no way to find inspiration or direction for our […]

Woman reported missing, no foul play suspected

An investigation and search for Jessica Ashlee Barlow is underway, who was last seen Sept. 28. Missing person fliers were posted around town, picturing Barlow, 19, of Washington, announcing she was last seen in St. George near Dixie State University. Washington City Police Department is handling the investigation. According to a media report released Tuesday […]

Upward: Integrate these 3 ideas to your career journey

If you’re like me, you have probably heard the phrase “follow your passions” since you were little. When it relates to finding a career, the dream is to end up doing something you love—something you are passionate about. However, passion is only one ingredient in the recipe for a satisfying career. A surprising number of […]

New studies stifle vape debate

The health risks of vaping are heavily debated, but several new studies have shed some light on the subject. E-cigarettes hit U.S. markets in 2006 and have since gained intense popularity, particularly with those who are college-aged. Teen smoking is lower than it has been in 24 years, but in a study provided by the […]

Upward: Achieving goals surprisingly simple

There is a myth sabotaging our potential for success: the idea that reaching our goals is more complicated than it actually is. Whether it is weight loss, saving money or fixing a bad habit, at some point we’ve all failed at reaching a goal. Many of us wrote the goal down, set a workout schedule, decided on […]