Go-to winter fashion styles for class

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While online shopping can be risky at times, especially depending on the serious size difference between stores, don’t let this minor setback prevent you from spicing up your everyday winter wear.

Alternative outfit No. 1
For those looking to save money on clothes, the men’s section in Target offers similar long sleeve shirts that can easily be paired with jogger pants.

Although this style doesn’t look exactly the same as the shirt from JCPenney, which retails for $32, this sweater retails for $17.48, which is nearly half the price. Besides saving additional dollars on the top, Target also sells an array of jogger pant styles for $24.99 and under. Rather than spend roughly $80 on a shirt and pants from JCPenney, Target gives shoppers a cost effective alternative for under $50. 

Alternative outfit No. 2
While American Eagle jeans are known to hold up for an extended period of time, some shoppers can’t reason shelling out over $50 per pair, especially when what is considered “in style” is constantly changing. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to American Eagle, Runway Fashion Exchange offers racks full of diverse jean styles for under $15; however, if you don’t feel like designating at least an hour of your time to fish through several jean types, this may not be the store for you. 

If thrifting seems unappealing, Old Navy constantly broadcasts huge sales weekly, nearly cutting the price of their clothing in half. Just be mindful of Old Navy’s sizing, which tends to run a lot larger than other stores. With jeans and sweaters currently under $25 on top of an additional 35 percent off, you can easily create an outfit in the store for under $50, unlike the American eagle outfit, which retails for over $100. 

Alternative Outfit No. 3
Out of all the outfits presented, this is the most universally attainable style. After looking through several stores inside the Red Cliffs Mall, hoodie types range from $12 at Aeropostale to $60 at Spencer’s

Whether you’re going for the exact styles the models displayed or seeking out more cost effective pieces, showing up to class giving the impression that you tried has never been easier.