A student’s guide to the exercise machines

The Human Performance Center is a great resource for all students to strengthen their minds and bodies. However, the machines can be intimidating at first. Utah Tech Students are here to show you how to use some of the most popular HPC workout machines. Anna Casey | Sun News Daily

Utah Tech’s annual Great Race

Students and community come together to compete in, The Great Race, Utah Tech’s largest relay race. Find out more about this event and who took home first place this year. Anna Casey | Sun News Daily

A day in the life of a department chair

Department chairs do a lot of for the university and sometimes don’t get the credit they deserve. So what’s a day of a department chair like? Joseph Avila | Sun News Daily

Utah Tech University’s Sigma Tau Delta English Honor society National convention

Utah Tech University’s Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society attended a national convention in St. Louis. About 900 students attended this convention to present papers, attend workshops and listen to keynote speakers. Alyssa Bayles | Sun News Daily

Spring Fest Spectacular: Utah Tech hosts biggest Easter egg hunt of the year

Utah Tech University celebrates the start of spring by hosting one of southern Utah’s largest egg hunts at the Spring Festival. This festival was open to all community members and allowed the university to connect to the community. Anna Casey | Sun News Daily

A day in the life of the Blazer Beat crew

Blazer Beat is the student-led Sports channel for Sun News Daily. Students now have the chance to get a glimpse of what broadcasting as a profession entails and gives them the opportunity to put their foot in the door and see what this would look like. Cora Mark | Sun News Daily