2017 trends that should stay in 2017

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As new trends and videos go viral this year, it’s time to say goodbye to some of the cringiest moments of 2017.

The 90s are never coming back, so why do I still see people trying to make those cheaply made, black elastic chokers cool again? Need I remind you of the lasting impression those chokers leave around your neck? Now, I am not saying do away with all choker necklaces, but if you actually harbor one of those tacky pieces of jewelry, it’s time to let it go. With today’s modern take on the choker-styled necklace, there are far better alternatives to wear.

Feathered eyebrows
As traumatic as it was seeing women willingly wax or pluck their eyebrows to make them appear nonexistent in the 90s, nothing prepared us for the feathered eyebrow trend in 2017. What originated as a joke by makeup artist Stella Sironen quickly turned into one of the most loved or hated trends. Not long after, beauty gurus and models began sporting the look to various degrees.

With the feathered brows in full swing, it opened the gates to explore even more ridiculous brow trends, including the squiggle brows, braided brows and ponytail brows. Now if you think “It” was horrifying to look at, just imagine the fact that people willingly went out in public wearing their eyebrows like this.

Starbucks unicorn drink
As an avid supporter of Starbucks, I was astonished when I first heard about these so-called unicorn frappuccinos.  Although I admit the drinks are fun to look at, I couldn’t wrap my mind around spending the same price for one of their signature coffee flavored frappuccinos, which only consisted of some colorful syrup, powder and whipped cream.

While I admit I may be salty knowing I never got to post a colorful photo of this disastrous drink on Instagram, I sincerely hope Starbucks learned from this questionable mix of ingredients. Rather than introduce a limited edition drink that apparently tastes awful and stresses out baristas across the nation, put some more thought and effort into designing a drink that doesn’t get everyone’s hopes up just to be a huge disappointment later on.

Anti-climatic makeup videos
It appears clickbait has taken a new form in various makeup artists’ videos on Instagram and Facebook. Rather than create a thumbnail photo from the finished makeup look, it’s become customary to see outrageous products in their hands as they attempt to create this “original” look. I loosely refer to these looks as original considering most makeup artists end up replicating the exact look from a previous social media user.

Realizing this harsh truth, they resorted to cheap methods to get viewers, such as showing their eyebrow half shaved off and then shaking their finger at you saying, “Ha! You really thought I was going to shave off my eyebrow?,” displaying photoshopped acne they manage to completely conceal, or unthinkable tools they use to apply their makeup. While the blatant photoshopped image is a clear indicator of how desperate the makeup artist has become, these videos can leave lasting impressions on viewers, and I still have yet to recover from seeing people use condoms to apply their makeup.