Our view: Source issues limit undergraduate success

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The Dixie Sun News strives to be “The Voice of Dixie State University,” but we need your help to make that happen.

We want to provide DSU with the best possible information. This means we want our information to be accurate, interesting and credible. Our journalists seek to produce unbiased and truthful content that informs the community of important events. 

Yes, we are student journalists; however, we pride ourselves in the work of the Dixie Sun and take it very seriously. We spend most of our weekdays, and even weekends, either in the newsroom putting together the paper or out on campus gathering information.

We consider ourselves a watchdog over the university, looking out for things both positive and negative that the public needs to hear. And as student journalists, we’re counting on sources to comply and help us relay beneficial information vital to our stories. If sources are unwilling to talk, the accuracy of stories is not only put on the line, but our grades are as well.

Sources from students to faculty can all help us get the accuracy needed for our stories. Different viewpoints are valued in our work, so this means we don’t just want the department heads to speak with us. Your novice, or professional, views can provide valuable perspectives for our work. Help us be more credible by providing what you know.

If you don’t think what we’re covering is newsworthy, it is our job as students to fail and learn from our mistakes. Help us provide content you consider more newsworthy by pitching us ideas or writing letters to the editor. We want our content to be interesting and informative for our audience.

The Dixie Sun has new student journalists every semester, and we work around tight deadlines, so mistakes are bound to happen. If you notice an error, run into any problems with our process of interviewing, have story complaints or ideas, or just have comments in general, then contact us immediately. We want to fix our mistakes we know are there.

We want anyone who has information, or even an opinion, to let us hear their voice — so we can be theirs.

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