OPINION: Online courses are just as good as in-person

Dixie State University offers many online courses where you can stay in the comfort of your own home without worrying about your physical attendance. It requires more self discipline and time management and dedication in order to stay on track with the course, says Cammie Johnson. Photo by Jessica Johnson.

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It can’t get much better than earning your college degree from the comfort of your own home. 

Speaking from personal experience, online classes are just as good as attending a scheduled class. With the freedom to work from any location at any given time, you are able to fulfill your obligations while still earning your college degree. 

According to Straighterline: “Whether you’re at home, on the road or at a friend’s house, you can create your own perfect room to study class materials and do homework assignments. You don’t have to put up with anymore disruptive environments like crowded libraries. Online learning offers better opportunities to concentrate by not being around other people.”

While I am sure many of us have heard the common misconception that in order to get the most out of your education you need to attend a classroom setting, there is an abundance of reasons as to why this educational route is not always the best solution.

Attending classes just about every day becomes tiresome and mentally draining. After a few solid weeks of attending classes, it is extremely common to see students gradually cut back their attendance and before you know it, attendance is scarce.

The wonderful thing about online classes is that you don’t have to worry about your physical attendance in class; you are simply responsible for logging in and completing assignments whenever it works into your schedule.

Online classes also allow you to work through any issues that may arise without the possible embarrassment of speaking up in class. If students stay on track and truly dedicate their time in an online environment, they would be just as knowledgeable on the subject matter as one who took it in person.

“If students stay on track and truly dedicate their time in an online environment, they would be just as knowledgeable on the subject matter as one who took it in person.”

Cammie Johnson, DSN Staff

Of course, every student is different, but I truly believe with a wide variety of online courses, there is something for everyone. Sometimes, attending classes on campus is simply not an option, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t provide the necessities for individuals who still wish to attain a college degree. 

It is extremely important that every university widens its horizon and begins to offer more classes online. I truly believe this will help individuals in obtaining that college degree they have strived for but were unfortunately unable to achieve because they were unable to actually attend a class setting. 

With far more jobs requiring a college degree to even be considered, we as a university should make a change so individuals are able to reach their academic goals, even if it is outside of the classroom.