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OPINION| New Year’s resolutions are a hoax

New year, new me, or so we’d like to think. Let’s be honest with each other, we would all be lying if we said we have never made a New Year’s resolution list in order to “better ourselves” for the upcoming year.

OPINION | Cancel culture; not as effective as anticipated

While cancel culture is on the rise, we may need to re-evaluate the situation before disregarding people left and right. “Words hurt” should be a standard phrase throughout society, but we have all repeatedly seen this customary knowledge be thrown out the door with multiple acts of indecency. Of course, there are several instances we […]

Deciding your educational path

Declaring your major and/or minor is a key component to furthering your future achievements and academic success. Students have to make countless decisions upon attending college, and on this list would be deciding on a major and/or minor. Students could possibly attend school for years without ever declaring themselves to a designated degree, but what […]

Opinion | It’s not just about the degree

Congratulations are in order to all of you who are in the process of getting your college degree; however, it might not be enough. College is a glorious experience really anyone can take part in, but in the process of getting your degree, it is important to step back, look at the big picture and […]

Students follow procedures to stay safe living on-campus

When moving out and being in a new setting, learning how to stay safe is a crucial part to ensure your safety while living on campus. For some, this might be the first time you’re living on your own. While there are benefits to getting a taste of what it is like to be independent, […]

OPINION| Marijuana should be legalized

Mary Jane, Cannabis, Weed and Marijuana; call it what you would like, but hear me out before you follow the stigma. Now I know there is a great deal of speculation on the legalization of marijuana, and while I do recognize the concerns some people may have on the matter, the benefits greatly outweigh the […]

Red Dirt Girls art exhibit: Stories yet to be told

Get ready residents of St. George for some red dirt to blow through town, the Red Dirt Girls that is. The Dixie State University Sears Art Museum is hosting a newly founded art exhibit, The Red Dirt Girls, that will be open to the public starting Oct. 1 at 6 p.m. and will be available […]

OPINION | Students shouldn’t rely on Rate My Professors

Choosing your professors is one of the glorious perks of being a college student, but don’t get carried away in the process. Rate My Professors is a website I am sure a great deal of you have heard about, or quite possibly used yourself. While this website does offer students a slight glimpse into the […]

DSU’s new layout brings changes for students

Dixie State University is undergoing drastic changes and will continue to develop a new campus layout in the future. President Richard “Biff” Williams said there are some rather intriguing plans in the works for DSU in hopes to further help every Trailblazer achieve the ultimate goal of success. One of the first matters of business […]