COLUMN: Cammie’s Column

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As we all climb this social ladder we call life, a great deal of us lose sight of what is most important: empowering each other on the way up.

We as a society have come a long way from where we used to be as far as acceptance goes; however, there are still great challenges that numerous people have to face on a day to day basis because of what others find odd or abnormal.

People are shamed, abused and mistreated for their beliefs and ways of life. But who are we to tell another what they can or cannot do with their right to life?

We classify ourselves as the generation that is accepting of everyone, but we sit back and do little to help those who are still being mistreated for the things that make them who they are. 

There are people who are suffering significant burdens that were brought on by another; and as tragic as this may be, this mistreatment will never stop unless we come together and stand as one.

As we rise up and take the reins of our own lives, it is important to remember the ones who are struggling to find their inner strength.

It is one thing to rise above the adversity you had gone through, but to help others who are struggling to reach that same level of contentment is greater than any achievement experienced alone.

The stereotype that we are alone in this world and the only person you can rely on is yourself is rather misleading and not all that it seems.

While you might be the only person you know fully, you can still find trust in others. After all, there is strength in numbers. 

If we learn to come together despite self-pride and misfortune, we will create a generation that not only shows acceptance but love with no condition. 

We will live in a time where the world will know peace, and to me, there is no greater success than the one that we all built together.

Let’s be the generation to make the impossible possible. In a world where hate is given out so freely, strive to be one of the few who stand for those who are too afraid, be a voice for those who can’t speak, and last but not least, always be a little kinder than necessary. You never know who could need it.