A list of things you need to do to celebrate Halloween

Utah Tech University hosts Tricks and Treats night on Palm Street on Oct 27. Misha Mosiichuk | Sun News Daily

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I know what you’re thinking, hiking the red rocks isn’t spooky. Well, there’s more to do in St. George besides hiking especially for the spooky season.

Between going to a farm, a family fun center, attending Chaos, going to a scarecrow walk or simply staying in, there are several ways you can celebrate Halloween in southern Utah.

Here are five things around town you can do to get in the spooky mood for Oct. 31.


If you don’t know what Chaos is, you’re either a freshman or a transfer student because Chaos is one of the biggest nights of the year at Utah Tech University. There is something for everyone to enjoy with an oxygen bar, haunted alley, dance floor and more.

Benjamin Welch, a senior marketing major from Las Vegas, said: “Chaos is the wildest party of the year, whether you want to be scared in the haunted alley, or party the night away on the dance floor, there is something for everyone. We have a costume contest, oxygen bar and spooky carnival to fill your night with the best of halloween vibes.”

Both students and non-students are welcomed at this annual Halloween party. Those in attendance are encouraged to dress up in a costume to add to the spooky season spirit and possibly win the contest.

On the Utah Tech Student Association Instagram, the Chaos survival guide says no bags, masks or weapons are allowed. Also, once you’re in, you’re in. There will be no reentry. You can purchase student and non-student tickets online.

Staheli Family Farm

You can’t go through fall time in St. George without going to Staheli Family Farm. The farm has been around for 21 years providing locals and visitors with a variety of attractions for all ages and groups.

  • Corn maize
  • Field of Screams
  • Pumpkin patch
  • Farmland
  • Food
  • Witches
  • Cow train
  • Petting Zoo
  • Campfire

You can go as a family, friend group or even make it a date night. If you plan on walking through the Field of Screams, you’re going to want a cute date to hold on to. There’s nothing like going to a farm to get into the fall and Halloween spirit.

You can purchase tickets online at a variety of prices from $14-$35. The farm is located at
3400 S. Washington Fields Road Washington, UT 84780.

Family Fear Center Fiesta Fright

This name seems awfully familiar, doesn’t it? That’s because it’s St. George’s Fiesta Fun Center but reimagined in a Halloween way. Even though it is a family center, you can’t bring your children under 7-years-old. The Halloween portion of the center is recommended for those 13-years-old and up. So, it’s a perfect event for college students to have a night free of children running around.

If you’re too scared to attend, don’t worry, the actors can’t touch you, but they will scare you.

There aren’t many places in St. George that are open past 10 p.m., but Fiesta Fright is open on Friday and Saturday until midnight. Tickets are available online from $15.95 to $19.95.

Scarecrow Walk & Haunted Canyon

If you’re too scared to go to through a haunted house, this is the perfect option for you. And, this can still be a great date night, friend group event and family outing.

According to Greater Zion, “This free, family-friendly event will feature several scarecrow displays from various local organizations in addition to a haunted canyon decorated with skeletons, spiders and other creepy things”

This event includes scarecrows decorated by local businesses and creators, so you may even spot your favorite local shop along the walkway. With a different scarecrow on every corner, you’re sure to find some spooky, cute and creative ones that speak to you.

It’s fun to stay in too

Home bodies can also have fun celebrating, preparing and getting in the spirit for Halloween. Pinterest is stacked with at-home Halloween celebration ideas.

  • Make a pot of chili with a side of cornbread
  • Decorate cupcakes and cookies
  • Create a Halloween playlist for your own dance party
  • Make slime
  • Watch Halloween movie classics

There’s so much to do around Halloween to get in the spirit, and if you don’t like Halloween, you can still cozy up and prepare for Christmas, which is right around the corner.