OPINION | CHAOS 2022 did not disappoint

The annual dance Chaos, was held Oct 29, students were able to come with friends to celebrate Halloween. Elissa Aguayo | Sun News Daily

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The Halloween season is one of my favorite times with so many fun opportunities to celebrate.

I try to do as many activities to get in the holiday spirit, and this year CHAOS did not disappoint the Halloween lover and dancer in me.

Utah Tech Student Association held its annual CHAOS dance Oct. 29. With the Foam Dance starting off rocky and having to be re-done the next day, I was nervous, yet hopeful, that CHAOS would have a better outcome. Luckily, it did.

I thoroughly enjoyed my whole time at CHAOS this year.

One of the first stand-outs of the night was that the line to enter the dance was not exceptionally long when I got there. I waited maybe five minutes before being able to scan my ticket and head in. The security team looked each person over with the hand-held scanners, and I was quickly off to dance the night away.

Another thing I was not expecting when walking into the event was actually being scared by an actor. While I was focused on waiting for my friends to get through security, there was an actor right on the side of me creepily bent over a structure. I genuinely jumped back in fright when I turned to walk to the dance floor and saw the actor there with their clown makeup done perfectly. From that moment on, I knew that this year UTSA had stepped up to the plate to make CHAOS a night to remember.

Thanks to a fantastic DJ, I was able to dance the night away. This DJ was not lacking any great songs in his discography. In fact, his song selection was so perfect for the night, I never wanted to take a water break, as I didn’t want to miss any fun songs. He remembered that being a DJ meant mixing and layering songs, not just playing a playlist, which allowed the dance to continue to feel fresh and for the songs to change before the crowd got bored of them. This DJ was even able to make dancing to the YMCA fun.

There were three times that people in the crowd had to get medical attention, but the DJ was great at pausing the dance to get help without the rest of the crowd losing interest.

In addition to the dancing aspect of the night, there was also a plethora of booths with carnival games, a haunted alley, a fortune teller and a food truck. Even if you aren’t the dancing type, there were still opportunities for fun to be had.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had at CHAOS this year. Not one time did I want to leave the dance early. This was a great addition to my Halloween festivities, and I can’t wait to see how UTSA is going to continue to improve its dances in order to keep bringing this amount of fun to the students.