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OPINION | How events like Inferno can be improved in following years

Utah Tech Student Association hosted one of the most anticipated events of the year April 22—Inferno. This dance was well-planned out, having few hiccups during the night, but this entertaining event could always have room for improvement. I have been to every single dance at Utah Tech University during my college career, and I have […]

Utah Tech’s Student Body President is getting married on campus

May 6 will be a busy day as a wedding reception is planned to be held on campus. Student Body President Devon Rice, a senior marketing major from Bountiful, and Vice President of Student Life Anna Barfuss, a senior recreation and sports management major from Salt Lake City, are holding their wedding reception at the […]

Tips for incoming freshmen: You get to choose your own destiny

The transition from high school to college can be a tricky one for most freshmen students. With bigger course loads, a new environment and more freedom, a student can be easily overwhelmed and quickly become unsure about continuing their college journey. Here are five tips and things to know to help make your transition to […]

Utah Tech Baseball stopped by Stephen F. Austin

The Utah Tech University baseball team hosted the Stephen F. Austin University Lumberjacks March 24-26. No. 46, Tyson Fisher, a senior communication studies major from St. George, was the designated hitter March 24. The starting pitcher was No. 18, Brett Porthan, a junior communication studies major from Tooele. The Lumberjacks were up first to bat […]

OPINION | Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber drama needs to end

“I’m so sick of [this] same old” drama and the negativity that spirals from cancel culture. Those who have an account on any social media platform, especially TikTok, most likely have explore pages deep into the drama surrounding Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber. None of the events following this polarizing drama are very deep; however, […]

Meet your 2023-2024 student body election candidates

It is time for you to get your voting slips handy as the elections of Utah Tech University’s student body officials for the 2023-2024 school year are taking place March 7-9. This election includes voting for student body president, vice president of academics, and vice president of clubs and organizations. There are two candidates running […]

‘In The Dirt’ podcast: How Latham Chandler started his own podcast at Utah Tech

Utah Tech University has an abundance of resources for its students to pursue passions, hobbies and talents. Latham Chandler, a junior finance major from Evanston, Wyoming, started his podcast “In The Dirt” with the equipment in the podcast studio of the Jennings Communications Building. Chandler initially started his podcast with a friend in April 2022; […]

Utah Tech softball set for 2023 season

Utah Tech University’s softball team’s season starts right around the corner with its first tournament taking place Feb. 10-12 in Manoa, Hawaii. The team has prepared intensely in the off-season in order to win big this weekend and the rest of the season. Head coach Randy Simkins said the team has been working on “everything” […]