OPINION | Instagram dominates social media landscape

While every social media app has its perks, there is one that stands out from the rest for being the most useful and versatile. Lindsey Cozad | Sun News Daily

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Because there are so many different social media applications becoming popular, it can be hard to choose what the best one is.

The best social media app is the best for many reasons, and I have decided which social media app is the most versatile and useful among college students.

That app is Instagram.

Instagram is the fourth most actively used social media platform but the app has features that incorporate aspects of other popular social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok that ultimately make it the most versatile social media app.

Instagram has a “stories” feature which is similar to Snapchat’s main purpose of posting photos that stay active for 24 hours. Instagram stories, different than Snapchat stories, can be highlighted on the owner’s page to allow them to be organized and archived, unlike Snapchat.

This makes it possible for users to customize what they don’t want to be shown on their main page but still have the photos posted on their account. I have multiple highlighted stories on my Instagram like different concerts I’ve been to and life updates that I wanted to organize into groups.

Aria Line, a sophomore psychology major from Idaho Falls, Idaho, said she agrees Instagram is her favorite social media app.

Line said: “It’s fun to get ready to take Instagram pictures and then see the reactions to the posts. I also like the fact that it’s easy to message my friends on direct messenger and send them memes and funny videos I see on my explore page.

The newly added reel option allows users to post short or long video clips from YouTube to their Instagram accounts.

Instagram also allows users to upload and share popular TikTok trends and videos, which is primarily where most people see the newest and latest trends. Because everyone has a different personalized for you page on TikTok, it doesn’t offer the same exposure and variety of videos that the Instagram reels’ section does. I find out about way more trends through Instagram reels than I do from my personal TikTok account.

Instagram has also created the option to change your profile into a subcategory, which includes a business option. If you create a business account then you are able to see engagement across your posts, market more specifically to your followers and stay connected to your brand. This is a feature most other social media platforms do not have.

Zach Root, a junior management major from Berthoud, Colorado, said Instagram is the best social media platform because he is able to use it for fitness influencing.

“I was able to create a fitness Instagram account that has gained thousands of followers across the world,” Root said.”I can see how well my posts are doing because I have my account labeled as a ‘fitness model’ business account,” Root said. “Instagram is the only social media app that allows me to influence the fitness industry while staying personable to my followers.”

He uses his fitness Instagram account to influence others and his personal Instagram account to stay connected with his friends and family that live in Colorado while he is attending college in Utah.

“It’s so awesome to see my friends from back home post photo updates,” Root said. “Everyone is so busy that texting back and forth isn’t really realistic, so seeing everyone post photos on Instagram makes me feel involved in their lives from a distance.”

Utah Tech University also utilizes its Instagram account’s engagement features to promote events, sports, news and increase future student recruiting.

The only social media platform that every club, organization and sports team use at Utah Tech is Instagram. This allows students to stay connected to the unique groups the university has to offer on one social media platform.

I get most of my updates about everything Utah Tech related through their Instagram accounts.

Instagram also has a shopping feature that is perfectly tailored to your interests allowing you to experience easy and stress-free shopping. Going onto the shopping tab allows you to be exposed to and support small businesses, shop your favorite influencer’s recommendations, and order directly through Instagram.

Businesses are also able to organize their most popular products to be advertised first, which makes it easy to shop for the best-of-the-best products from a brand you already love.

Ordering directly from Instagram saves the time and hassle of searching for a product on a different website because on Instagram they are tagged and can be ordered directly through the shopping tab on Instagram.

Besides the mere convenience of Instagram’s features, Instagram simply allows you to express yourself through photos. You can share any photo you want your friends and family to see and create a feed that is unique to you.

The Weeknd, Mike and Post Malone are my favorite musician’s Instagrams that I follow because they often post upcoming concert dates, teasers of new releases and interact with fans.

If you don’t already have an Instagram account, now is the time to create one and become immersed in all of the unique features this social media platform offers.