OPINION | It’s time for Chick-fil-A “butt” fries to hit the road

A typical order from Chick-fil-A includes waffle fries, lemonade, Chick-fil-A sauce and either a chicken sandwich or chicken nuggets. Do you wish there were more unique options to choose from? Sydney Johnson | Sun News Daily

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The “home of the original chicken sandwich” is due for some new additions and necessary changes to their menu.

Chick-fil-A is a loved fast-food chain for many Americans; however, the menu has become lackluster and is limited compared to their competition.

As a college student, Chick-fil-A has become a go-to fast-food chain to eat at for quick and easy meals, and I am sick and tired of it.

With only 13 different lunch entree options, and not much of a variety in those options, I am exhausted with trying to eat chicken in such uncreative ways. Not only am I tired of the chicken, but I have become more disappointed with their iconic waffle fries.

When I order my meal, I expect to get a nice white or red box of waffle-shaped fries that will pair well with my sauce of choice for that day. Instead, too many times to count, I have received a box half full of waffle-shaped fries and the other half full of the unsatisfying “butt” fries.

What are “butt” fries you ask? They are the ends of the potato that were not big enough to cut into a full shape of a waffle, and therefore, have the skin left on and the flavor left off. These fries are never cooked as well, and for a person that is very aware of food textures, is mushy and claggy. Not even smothering the fries in Chick-fil-A sauce can help with the unfortunate taste and texture.

An abundance of Chick-fil-A “butt” fries in the classic red box. Sydney Johnson | Sun News Daily

Therefore, the first change I would make to Chick-fil-A’s menu is finding a way to avoid the “butt” fries in every order.

There are so many other ways Chick-fil-A could revamp and add to their menu to create more options for customers while still sticking to their simple theme.

Chick-fil-A, here are a few of my suggestions that could help broaden your menu:

  • Sweet potato waffle fries
  • Chicken salad/chicken salad sandwich
  • Chicken caesar salad
  • Strawberry lemonade

The newest addition to the menu was the mac and cheese in 2019. That addition made waves in the consumers of Chick-fil-A and is the base of my belief that adding well-made and theme fitting items would do exceptionally well for Chick-fil-A’s business.

While it is nice to stick to the simple foods that get the long lines moving fast, Chick-fil-A could definitely make some additions to attract new customers and surprise their dedicated ones.

It is great to see the seasonal items, like the peppermint milkshake or chicken tortilla soup, come back every year, but it would be nice to see a permanent addition to the options this chain has to offer.

Now don’t misunderstand, this fast-food chain does not need to double their menu size or add items that don’t fit their branding, but a refresh every few years would be a great way to keep people interested in seeing what Chick-fil-A has to offer. There is only so many times a person can eat a simple chicken sandwich or chicken nuggets before having to venture elsewhere to satisfy another craving.

Chick-fil-A has a simple menu that they have learned to execute very well, but that does not mean there is no more potential for growth. They were able to find a place on their menu three years ago for a delicious side item, so it is not an impossible task. Chick-fil-A just might need a push on what to add in order for there to be a change to be set in movement.

As a way to keep customers coming back, new additions is the way to go. It might take some trial and error to find items that fit the comfort food theme and the quick production for drive-thru line efficiency. Chick-fil-A has added hit items to the menu before, so I am confident they can do it again.

Let’s take the “butt” fries out of the mix and add a new delicious menu item to it. It is time to stop searching the secret menu for a new way to enjoy Chick-fil-A and for Chick-fil-A to just actually add to the menu.

Plus, it would be my pleasure to be the one to taste-test new items before they officially go on the menu.