Code Red feature: Learn how to join, volunteer to run school events

Code Red members enjoy helping out at UTSA’s events and getting involved with student government members. Miki Akiyama | Sun News Daily

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From CHAOS to the annual drag show, Utah Tech University is home to many student-planned activities and events.

Code Red is the student-run service department that is in charge of event planning and service projects around campus. Student events are a large part of the college experience, and Code Red members are seeking to make that experience a good one. 

“All the fun things you think about in college are what Code Red plans and comes up with,” said Megan Shields, a sophomore integrated studies major from Cedar City. “We plan all the dances, pageants and most student-involved activities.”

One recent event Code Red helped plan was the Benson Boone concert at the Utah Tech Burns Arena. The concert was a success for Code Red, as the arena sold out within 12 hours of the tickets going live.

Along with event planning and service projects, vice president of student life, Anna Barfuss, a senior recreation and sports management major from Salt Lake City, calls Code Red a “stepping stone” to student government as it falls under the student life branch of Utah Tech University’s Student Association.  

The student life branch and Code Red members aim to maintain Utah Tech traditions such as homecoming and carnivals, while continually adding new and improved activities like the foam dance, concerts and comedians.

Barfuss started Code Red in the fall of 2021. Her goal with Code Red was to, “Develop young students into student leaders, assist in retention efforts, expand inclusion and diversity, and make Utah Tech a family.” 

Barfuss added that Code Red is a great resume builder as it helps students gain service hours which are needed for many majors. It also gives students a place to develop friendships and become a larger part of the community.

Code Red is in charge of planning an event every week around campus along with varying events in between. It consists of six different teams that are in charge of specific areas for student events. They also assist with Utah Tech marketing efforts and campaigns. 

“Code Red has used every single ounce of their time planning events and marketing campaigns,” Barfuss said. “Many individual members have gone to volunteer at races and on-campus service projects.”

Barfuss said students can get involved with Code Red in a variety of ways including reaching out to a member the team or simply volunteering at events. She added that positions will be much more diverse next year with UTSA positions opening up. These will include marketing managers, graphic designers, department senate representatives, event planners and mental health advocates.

The mission of UTSA and the student life branch, which includes Code Red, is to, “provide students with learning, service and extracurricular opportunities; provide leadership training; promote school spirit; create unity and a unique Utah Tech culture; link Utah Tech traditions with new students; and offer a voice to the student body.”

Barfuss said: “I was lucky enough to get onto student government my freshman year. This is pretty uncommon, and I wanted more freshmen to get involved. Student government has been the time of my life and is why I love school. I want my peers to feel what I feel.”

Shields said you don’t even have to be a part of Code Red to help around campus as they welcome any volunteers they can. Simply show up and say you want to help or reach out to a member of the team.

“I have been involved with student government before and one of my favorite parts was event planning,” Shields said. “Code Red is all about event planning, making new friends and meeting new people.”

To learn more about Code Red you can reach out to a member of student life or visit the Utah Tech website.