Utah Tech’s football scrimmage game shows players improvement following spring camp

Utah Tech University football team play together at their spring game at the Greater Zion Stadium, in preparation for their upcoming season. Miki Akiyama | Sun News Daily

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Utah Tech University’s football team hosted a red and white spring game April 15 at the Greater Zion Stadium to practice real-game play after an intense series of spring training has come to an end.

The spring scrimmage concluded the Trailblazers’ spring slate and leads into summer training to prepare for kickoff against Montana State University Sept. 2.

The ‘Blazers put up a fight during its fall season and concluded with a 4-7 record. New coaching promotions and additions were announced in January, and the four-week spring camp began March 21.

Both of these announcements were made to help improve players’ abilities and give them the best resources available moving forward. Recruits and coaches were welcome to attend all of the available practices.

Syrus Webster, a junior marketing major from West Jordan, intercepted the ball and had the biggest play of the game, scoring the only touchdown for the red team. With an unofficial score of 6-1 in favor of the white team, improvements could be seen all over the field following the spring camp.

Ryan Kean, a freshman management major from Corona, California, said his mental strength, ability to think quickly and control of his emotions has improved the most since the fall season.

“The off-season is a critical time for the team to develop physically and mentally,” said Kean. “The focus through camp has been working to efficiently implement our improved abilities into real game scenarios.”

Baylor Payan, a senior exercise science major from Plain City, said the spring camp allowed him to improve on more technical crafts without having to worry about the physical toll the regular season takes on him.

“Each and every practice during this past month I have been able to go out, improve what I do, [and] I can clearly see those improvements,” Payan said.

Kean said that summer training is difficult due to the warm weather in St. George and long practices, but it helps everyone get physically ready to compete at the Division I level. The team will practice throughout the summer before returning to the academic year.

Keith Davis, a senior media studies major from San Diego, California, said he is most excited to get back on the field to hone his skills and play style after an ACL tear forced him to sit out the 2022 season.

“The off-season is beneficial because not only does it help players get accustomed to the playbook, but it also gets you that much more excited to play in the next season,” Davis said.

The team’s scrimmage game was the perfect way to conclude spring training and allow one last game before kickoff.