Breakup reactions often go too far

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Break-ups are full of lust, love, jealousy and temperamental ignorance, but sometimes those nasty little fights or fits of jealousy go a wee bit too far. 

A friend of mine keyed a girl’s car for talking to her man when they weren’t together. Yep, she went too far. Now don’t get me wrong: I’ve been in some yelling, rip-roaring fights,  and I’ve been jealous to the point my entire face turns red with frustration. But I’ve never been mad enough to harm another person or another person’s belongings.

So how far is too far?

Too far is when she keyed another girl’s car for just talking to her man. Excuse me, ex man.

Too far is when a girl tries to run her ex’s girl off the road and then play it off as an accident. Too far is when a guy decides to egg his ex’s house in 100 plus weather where the egg adheres to the house and can crack the paint. It’s not OK just either of you had a fit of jealousy.

Men, too far is when you take the first opportunity you get to punch your ex’s new man when you see the two of them together. Or make awkward attempts to hit her up after you just broke up with her.

Too far is, well, when you push the limits on what a break-up is defined as: “to cause to separate and go in different directions,” according to wordnet.web.

And yes, all of the above references have happened.

Girls and guys—ex means no longer, over, the end of and so long. Ex does not mean still partially yours nor does it mean you need to hold onto something that once was. Ex means goodbye—especially if you’re not discussing getting back together.

If you’re one of those couples who break-up, get back together and you’re always in some sort of limbo state where you’re not really sure where you stand, I’d suggest talking it out before you go rage on the innocent girl or guy who thinks you two are over. Chances are, you two will break-up again (even though you weren’t technically together) and get back together in a week. Don’t sweat it.

Relationships are crazy and emotionally dominate creations that nobody really understands. Our goal as we are in relationships should be learning how to control those emotions.

Nobody cares if she stole your man, he stole his girl, or she broke up with you for apparently no reason at all. There is never a time or place to vandalize or demean another person where others can watch or where other’s property could be destroyed.

Learn from a relationship and stay away from potentially harmful or hurtful situations with an ex. Time heals everything, but nobody wants to spend that time in jail if someone actually gets harmed.

If you can’t handle the emotion, handle the action that takes part afterward. If you cannot control either, you’ve probably gone too far.