Letter to the editor: ACA has multiple problems

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In response to the Oct. 15 Dixie Sun News article “Educate yourself on the ACA,” by Mara Braddy.

I would like to start by asking 2 questions: 
First: Where will all of the money for the running of Obamacare come from?
Second: Where are all of the people who have wanted to sign up?

Now, think of those questions for a minute and get back to me. 
Obamacare has been a major disaster. Mara cited that it would provide the largest middle class tax cut for health care in history, provide 95 percent of Americans with coverage (the largest percentage in the history of the U.S.), and will reduce the country’s deficit by $100 billion in the next 10 years, and I believe cure cancer and turn mercury to gold.

What Mara failed to mention was that those tax cuts are incredibly overwhelmed by the increases in deductibles and premiums. Not only that, the middle class, as a result of the Affordable Care Act, has seen an increase in underemployment.

Employers have simply increased the number of workers and lowered the hours of existing workers creating an increase in underemployment and part-time workers (all because employers want to avoid the costs related with the Affordable Care Act).

As for the increase in Americans receiving insurance, that looks and sounds great on paper, but it isn’t reality. Americans, as a result of Obamacare, have seen a decrease in insurance coverage because of the increase in costs. The reality is that people like me are being forced to make decisions every day whether they want to eat or insurance. Sounds pretty great right? Free weight loss comes with Obamacare! Just don’t eat; insurance is better. 

Mara indicated that Obamacare creates a $100 billion decrease in government deficit. This isn’t the case.

Analysis of the government costs related to Obamacare have continued to expand since the bill was passed in 2010 (see the State of the Union addresses given by President Obama since the bill was passed, estimates increase each time). The Obamacare website (health.gov) cost $93 million alone!

The government is spending like a drunken sailor with expensive taste and can’t seem to stop. But it will definitely cut $100 billion because the federal government can always be trusted, just ask the American Indians, or the Japanese, German, and Italian Americans interned in prison camps during World War II. 

The simple truth about Obamacare is it hasn’t succeeded in doing any of the things that Mara asserts it has.

Returning now to the questions posed at the beginning: Who will pay for Obamacare? The rich? If we taxed all of the rich 100 percent of their income, then yes, Obamacare would be funded, but that is incredibly unlikely. If the government were to even hint at such a thing, the wealth of the rich would flood out of the country before the government could get its hands on it. (For an example, study what happened in France after they Elected Francoise Hollande, a declared socialist who raised the income tax bracket on the Top 1 percent to over 70 percent of their income, and most of that money went to offshore tax shelters.) 

Then the money to pay for Obamacare must come from the poor, right? The people the bill is supposed to most help? Not Likely. Who is left? The middle class. But those people aren’t supposed to be hurt by Obamacare! Well, reality sucks, sweetheart.

Finally, If Obamacare is supposed to be so popular and beneficial to all of the individuals who are currently uninsured, and everyone is supposed to love it, then where are they? Since the website opened (thus giving exception for the glitches), only 51,000 people have registered, less than 0.1 percent of the people that Obamacare is supposed to help. But Obamacare sure is working well, right?

Mara, Thanks for the great suggestion about educating myself on Obamacare. I did and I found out just how much it sucks.

Zachary Stucki
Senior business major
St. George

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