Letter to the Editor: Courtesy not limited to driving

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Here I am, sitting in the north parking lot with my blinker on, waiting for a little Hyundai to back out. Here comes some Joe punk from the other side who zips into my spot. 

I pictured my car, which is in need of a little front end fixing, smashing into the back end of his car, and me telling the police officer my foot slipped off the pedal.

Yes, free car repair. Thought you were late now, Joe punk? 

Then I realized something: As math professor Seegmiller says, “It was my AHA! moment.” My signal meant nothing. Now, I know why I rarely see anybody signal.

In driving school we learned that signaling is a form of communication. It helps with the flow of traffic, lets someone know when you need to get over, and lets Joe punk know that is your spot you’ve been waiting for. 

Obviously I was wrong. To signal is still the law and it does mean something. I see courtesy in driving or in public as The Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you.

So here’s the funny part. Quickly I found another spot and headed to class. To my surprise, there was Joe punk going in the same door as I, and what did he do? He held the door for me. Ha! Well at least he is courteous outside of the car.

Rebecca Luker
Senior Business Major
Whittier, CA

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