Our View: Vote Pike, Baca, Dunn

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As long as we’re all living in St. George, our lives will be affected by the people who run this city. 

We have the opportunity next month to let our voices be heard. Historically, college-age citizens are the least likely to vote, and in a city like St. George — which is a university city — that can be a problem. 

Remember, this isn’t just the community members’ city. This is your city, too. So why would you let someone who is double your age or who hasn’t been in college for 30 years decide what your city is going to do for you? Why would you trust someone who’s perspective is that of a person on the outside looking in? The best person to decide what St. George will do for you is, well, you.

The Dixie Sun News staffers have discussed which candidates would be best for students, and we urge you to cast your vote for the following people: 

For Mayor

We are ready for a change. When it comes to the man who’ll lead this city, we want to have a person who has a fresh perspective and who knows DSU from the inside out. Jon Pike is currently a member of the St. George City Council, but he’s also on the Dixie State University board of trustees. 

“I have been on the board of trustees for over four years,” Pike told Dixie Sun News in an article posted Oct. 8 by Julia Bell titled “Candidates want Dixie State campus to grow.” “I know the vision and goals of the university, and I support them. Since I have this experience, I will not have to learn on the job and will be able to help the school grow.”

Pike also realizes that this city doesn’t just belong to the retirees. It belongs to us — the university students. We not only go to school here, but we also live, work and spend our money here.  

“DSU is the catalyst for economic development in the city,” Pike said. “I think our biggest problem is that St. George is not considered a university town, and that is hurting us. If more businesses come because of the growth of the university, it will help the town grow as well.”

This man should be our next mayor.

For City Council

There are two council seats open, and we have two recommendations. 

Two years ago, we endorsed Tara Dunn because she was the only candidate whose plan for the city specifically included DSU students. We’re endorsing her again because she hasn’t wavered in her fight for making St. George a town where college students feel welcome. 

She prides herself on not being a “good ol’ boy.”

“I am the youngest candidate that is running this year,” she said. “I think I am open to more modern ideas and events. I want to focus on creating events that will benefit the demographic of the students.”

Dunn, like Pike, realizes students have just as much of a right to have their needs and wants represented as the retirees who have been living here for their entire lives.

“Students need to have their voices represented,” she said. “There is a status quo right now dealing with voting where only the older majority votes. We need to have more diversity at the polls, and if students voted, that would help a lot.”

We’re also urging you to cast your vote for Ed Baca. When we spoke to candidates, he was the only person running, other than Dunn, who seemed to have DSU as a priority. He wants St. George to be what it is: a university city. 

“I strongly believe the existence of Dixie State in this town is the most important thing right now,” Baca said. “I want to help the school expand and get more degrees. I want to diversify the careers that are available for students after they graduate from college.”

He was also genuinely concerned about DSU students having their voices heard.

“There is this idea right now that young people are not being heard. The first thing that can stop this is by getting out and voting,” he said. “It is important to remember to hold the people you vote in accountable throughout their term. If not, we will lose our values, and the Constitution that was created to protect us will be lost.”

Our city council will have DSU students more in mind if both these candidates are voted in.

Don’t just take our word for it. If you do your homework, you’ll see these candidates are the right ones when it comes to university students living in a university city. Vote for the people who have you in mind. Vote for the people who will speak for you — not just to you. Just vote.