Coca-Cola commercial should bring pride to Americans

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Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl commercial created an example of the equality in America.  

Americans were unnecessarily raged at the “It’s Beautiful” Coca-Cola commercial that played during the Super Bowl. The fact Americans got so upset about the commercial proves that racism is still a big problem in America.

We are blessed to live in a free country, and we should be willing to share that with others. As I watched the Coke commercial, I was very impressed with the Coca-Cola company because it showed that there are a lot of people who are proud to have other ethnicities, besides Caucasian, in America and aren’t afraid to show it. America is a land of many different races, which includes different languages.

Only about 80 percent of America speaks English, the other 20 percent is a mixture of over 14 languages; therefore, this was not un-American. Although, some do not agree with that.

It’s really sad that some people were so offended by the commercial. I saw a lot of contention on different social media sites of what some people thought about the commercial. Someone tweeted about how they were mad that Coca-Cola was “singing an American song in the terrorist’s language.”

I think those tweets are inappropriate, and it shows how stubborn some Americans can be. If I was from another country and heard about this contention, I would be embarrassed for America. Some people need more important things to get upset about — not something so insignificant as this.

Being patriotic and standing up for our country is a great thing, but when it turns into racism and hatred, that is when it has gone too far. We need to be accepting of all different races.

Josh Young, a freshman biology major from Centerville, said: “I think that it shows the love that the world still has for America and the freedoms that they stand for. It’s a great commercial that includes all types of races and people. This was definitely one of the better Super Bowl commercials.”

I hope Americans can learn to be accepting of all the diversity that we should be proud of in America.