WOW dished out sudsy, diverse fun

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From the Kick Off Carnival to the much-talked-about Foam Dance, our student government takes great care to open each fall semester with a week-long event that sets the expectation for the rest of the social year.

If the first week is any indication, we have quite a year ahead of us.

Starting strong with the Kick Off Carnival, Dixie showed students new and old a great time. With attractions like the high jump trampoline, inflatable slides and the basketball challenge — to name only a few — there was something fun to welcome everyone to our campus. 

I saw girls and guys alike swing the strong man’s hammer, go human bowling or simply laugh together as they blew off the steam of the first day back at school.

Tuesday brought us the service project of which I had only one complaint: attendance. 

The chances to get out in the community and do something nice for our fellow man can be hard to come by as college students with our busy lives and heavy workloads. So, when the opportunity presents itself, I urge all to get up, go out and get it done. Bring a friend and make it even better. There is a wealth of great and singular experiences to be had at such events.

Club Rush, with all of its charm, hit the Diagonal hard on the mornings of Wednesday and Thursday. Whether you’re one who’s open to new experiences or an enthusiast looking for people who share your passion, the Diagonal had something for you.

Filled with students who manned booths representing Dixie’s clubs and organizations, there was “swag” to be had, lists to sign and plenty of people to talk to.

Were I a new student at Dixie State, I’d have been grateful for how nice the booth operators were and how approachable they made themselves. 

For those who missed the Diagonal during those two days, I recommend looking into the local clubs and organizations here at Dixie. College life shouldn’t end in the classroom. There’s always room for some fun in your schedule.

Last but at the forefront of most of campus’ collective mind was Friday’s Foam Dance. Dressed down to swimwear and gym shorts, students made their way to the anticipated event and partied hard. The music was blasting, the disk jockey was great, and the foam was wet.

As I made my way toward the fabled foam, I was surprised at how many people were able to fit into what I thought was a relatively small place. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not much a partier, but I can’t help but believe that a slightly larger venue would be welcome in the future — particularly as our population grows.

The dance was a hit with the students and the Week of Welcome ended on a high note.

Overall, I was impressed with the wide range of activities available during the Week of Welcome. While I’m not much for loud, beat-driven music, risqué dancing and half-dressed partiers, I quite enjoyed the Kick Off Carnival, service project and Club Rush.

Whether you’re a foam-dancer or a club-rusher, there was something for you to enjoy during Dixie’s Week of Welcome.

For that reason I say bravo, student government! We are all looking forward to what else you have up your sleeves for us.