Watt’s Your Future Worth?: Strive for moderation, not complete change

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My first vehicle was a F350 Ford Diesel that went through a tank of fuel in less than two weeks.

In order for you to gain a deeper understanding of my column, I think it is important that I help you to understand exactly who I am. 

Some of my greatest memories came from spending time out on the drilling rig with my dad. For fun in high school, I went mudding in big trucks, and rode ATVs or side-by-sides. I’m originally from Moab, and on multiple occasions my house was surrounded by a neighborhood full of signs bashing on oil, while my driveway was full of big trucks. 

My point is this, I’m not your typical “go green” person. I still get more of an adrenaline rush driving my dad’s big truck than I do driving my fuel-efficient car. I still have more fun out tearing up the dirt in a gas-guzzling machine than I do putting around in an electric car. The sound of a turbo spooling up will always give me goose bumps that a Prius can’t.

I’m not trying to make myself sound like a hypocrite, rather I am trying to help you realize that you can take steps in being energy efficient without completely changing who you are. There are things in my life that I don’t want to give up, Power strokes for example. I don’t want to give up those energy-sucking machines, so I decrease my energy use in other areas. 

For me, the first thing that drove me to be more energy efficient was that of budget. My first year of college I started changing my habits out of the want to save a little extra money. It didn’t even cross my mind at first that saving money was also causing me to be more energy efficient.   

We’re all college students here. I’m willing to bet that most of us wouldn’t mind saving a few extra bucks on occasion while being more energy efficient.

First, pay attention to what you have your thermostat set at. Try keeping it two degrees cooler in the winter and two degrees warmer in the summer than you normally do. On top of changing the temperature, only run the air conditioner or heater when there is actually someone there to appreciate it. Don’t cater to an empty house.

Second, break the habit of leaving your TV on all night. You can’t enjoy the show if your eyes are closed, so use that handy sleep timer feature.

Third, your fridge doesn’t replenish itself on its own, if there wasn’t anything good to eat in there two minutes ago, then there still isn’t. Opening the door repeatedly every two minutes is just a waste of energy.

It’s possible to become a more energy efficient person without completely changing who you are. Remember who you are and take the opportunity to improve yourself and better your future.