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Town hall meetings help decide Dixie’s direction

With the previous strategic plan of becoming a university complete, it is time that a new plan for Dixie State University is created.  “As I was applying for this job, university status had just been gained, so I kept thinking, ‘If I get this job then I will get to be a part of the […]

Watt’s Your Future Worth?: Stay cool, include energy in resolutions

My thermostat currently reads 65 degrees, and I’m wearing long pants, socks, a sweatshirt, and I’m wrapped head to toe in a big, fluffy blanket. I beat my record from last year; I made it to early December without turning on my heater. It’s getting turned on tomorrow, purely for the fact that if I […]

Student debt can be avoidable at DSU

Students across America, including Dixie State University students, are currently taking out student loans in order to pay for the time they spend enrolled in college.  Students must learn how to manage their debt, financial aid adviser Roberta Cole said. They have to decide early to only borrow to pay for school expenses rather than […]

Watt’s Your Future Worth?: Positive pressure helps energy efficiency efforts

There is not one particular driving force behind gaining the desire to be more energy efficient. For me personally, becoming more energy efficient was an accident. My energy efficiency started completely in hopes of saving some extra cash each month by lowering the utilities bill. Over time, my driving force behind paying attention to my energy […]

Watt’s Your Future Worth?: Survive winter’s chill with energy efficiency

Winter chills hit St. George abruptly this season, and it doesn’t seem as though they will be going away. It’s that time of year to not only figure out what you’ll be bringing to Thanksgiving dinner, but to also winterize your closets, homes, cars and any other thing you may possibly need to keep warm. I’m sure I’m […]

Sexual assault reporting process disputed

Faculty members, staff and students are leery about the number of sexual assaults that Dixie State University security reports show, but the numbers show what has been reported to the security department. Sexual assault does happen on the DSU campus, but faculty and staff say victims of sexual assault must speak up in order for […]

DSUSA teams with athletic department for trunk-or-treat service project

As Homecoming festivities came to an end with the Phillip Phillips concert Tuesday, students may have been surprised to realize that homecoming week didn’t have a Halloween theme. In past years Dixie State University’s homecoming has fallen on the same week as Halloween, but this year it didn’t.  A separation between homecoming and Halloween allows for […]

Contestants prepare for 2014 Miss Dixie Pageant

The audience will admire plenty of girls at the Miss Dixie Pageant; that hasn’t changed since last year.  The 2014 Miss Dixie Pageant is comprised of 10 contestants from Dixie State University. This year’s contestants are Megan Church, Baylee Bucher, Alexis Finch, Jessica Jensen, Sarah Nilsson, Jaylin Nilsson, Sarah Thompson, Jade Bybee, Abby Wynn and Rachelle Folger.  […]

Watt’s Your Future Worth?: Strive for moderation, not complete change

My first vehicle was a F350 Ford Diesel that went through a tank of fuel in less than two weeks. In order for you to gain a deeper understanding of my column, I think it is important that I help you to understand exactly who I am.  Some of my greatest memories came from spending […]