Letter to the Editor: 5 things worse than vulgarity

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In response to Vulgarity hurts DSU’s image; my first response after reading this letter was, listening to rap music doesn’t make people “scum, trashy, low-class, or under educated” and maybe thinking negatively of someone different than you who listens to music that swears is what hurts DSU’s image. After giving it some thought I think that people in southern Utah are so bored and cut off that they don’t have real things to be mad at. So I’ve made a list of things you should be mad at:
1. Climate change: Scientists from all over the world (not pundits) tell us that it should be our No. 1 concern.
2. War on Terror and the perpetual war/military complex: Obama just asked for more power to attack terrorists (amorphous word for anyone the administration in charge doesn’t like).
3. Loss of wildlife and natural habitats at an unprecedented rate: Go watch the documentary “Virunga,” which tells the story of the natural park in Congo where the last remaining mountain gorillas live and how the instability in the region, partially because of oil reserves found in the park, threatens them.
4. The war on drugs: bB mad that a policy in place for two decades has left us with more Americans incarcerated than China and other totalitarian countries.
5. The rising wealth disparity: Soon the top 1 percent will own more than the rest of us combined.
There are more than 100 things to be madder about than vulgarity. 
Trevor Anderson
Junior biology major